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P. 1                                                                                         Issue 140 · Autumn 2019

                                Ruth Smith                                            Mayor of Barnet              Fellowship party
                               wins big for                                           visits Northway                girls just wanna
                             charity work, p3                                         gardens, p3                       have fun, p5

              Suburb News saved!                                                                                                                                     KOCHI OKADA

      I am sure readers will be as relieved   to ensure the survival of this   on page 11 of this issue. These
      as I am that, as a result of our plea   paper, which is much valued by   are no doubt the first of many
      for volunteers to step forward to   many Suburb residents.  contributions they will be making
      save Suburb News, we have found   Marie-Christine wrote an   to this paper, and I wish them as
      two residents who are willing to   article on Avenue House in our   much enjoyment and satisfaction
      take on the job as Co-editors of   last issue and has contributed   as I have had as Editor.
      the paper.                 another on bilingualism in this   So, from now on, please use
         Marie-Christine O’Callaghan   one. Shelley-Anne is responsible for all your
      along with Shelley-Anne Salisbury   for the article on (and baking)   future correspondence.
      answered the call and are ready    cakes for the Horticultural Society   TERRY BROOKS

              No surprises at the Trust AGM

      Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust   years as a member, and chairman,  done in principle, the paperwork
      members gathered in Henrietta   of Trust Council, with particular   had not been completed.
      Barnett School Hall for half an   reference to Nick Packard and   There was a question on the
      hour of chat and a drink before   David Davidson.     report and accounts over the   Taken earlier this year, this photograph demonstrates that Sunshine Corner, the gateway to the Suburb in The Great Wall on the
      the Trust Chairman, Richard   His greatest regret was not   cost of a dispute concerning   Heath extension, has seen a great improvement since it was taken in hand by the HGS Trust. The work was done in association
      Wiseman, opened the 51st Annual   being able to finalise the change   Waterlow Court to do with the   with Stephen Crisp of SPC Design.
      General Meeting on the evening   of ownership of Central Square   apportionment of costs on an
      of September 11.           before  the  end  of  his  term  of   unadopted road. The Trust was   of unanimous agreement. The   should there be a successful   family life. He had enjoyed his
         He  started  the meeting by   office. Although all the details   trying to find a way to get a   Trust needed to take advice.  challenge to the Trust on  the   time at the Trust and wished the
      thanking the Trust staff and his   had been agreed, a combination   binding agreement, when the   A donation of £16,000 to St   grounds that the management   new trustees the best of luck.
      fellow trustees for all their work,  of bureaucratic and legal delays   parties involved had a diversity   Jude’s for help with the repair of   was not operating in a economical,   This  year  there  were  three
      support and guidance over his six   meant that, although the deal is   of views, and there was no hope   the fabric of the building was   efficient and consistent manner.  candidates, Brian Ingram, Maralyn
                                                                                      also questioned. It was pointed   The meeting moved to the   Roberts and Richard Townley, for
                                                                                      out that the funds for such   election of trustees. Nick Packard   two vacancies (see page 4 for the
                                                                                      grants were not part of the   first gave the results for last year   result). Each candidate was given
                                                                                      Scheme of Management and so   when Raymond Taylor was elected   three  minutes  to  speak  about
                                                                                      not paid by charge-payers. The   with 292 votes against 130 for   their candidature and up to five
                                                                                      financial situation of the church   Brian Ingram.     minutes to answer questions.
                                                                                      was precarious with the liabilities   Michael Franklin, a retiring   Brian Ingram, a Suburb
                                                                                      that come with the upkeep of   trustee, had some words to say   resident for over 40 years, was
                                                                                      such a large iconic building.  about his time as a trustee and the   most concerned about the
                                                                                         David Iwi had provided   170  meetings  he had attended.  neglect of green spaces in the
                                                                                      attendees with a sheet of questions   He thought the staff to be terrific,  Suburb and thought the Trust
                                                                                      and comments, titled ‘The Empire’,  hard-working and talented, and   should take more care of them
                                                                                      relating to the increase in staff   the Trust was very lucky, in   all, and not just its own spaces.
                                                                                      numbers since 2006; the effect   particular, to have David Davidson.  On being asked what added
                                                                                      of this on the management charge;   He  thought  Nick  Packard  had   value he  would bring to the
                                                                                      the trustees’ lack of action; the   grown into his job and it was   Trust, he mentioned the role of
                                                                                      silence of the auditors; the refusal   good that he was able to take a   trustees vis-à-vis the staff, the
                                                                                      to have a management review; and   salary cut to have a four-day   problems of litigation, lessening
                                                                                      the consequences for the Suburb   week to balance his work and   (continued on page 4)

                WE ALWAYS DELIVER ON

                            OUR PROMISES                                              Richard Wiseman     Nick Packard        David Davidson      Michael Franklin

            For more than 40 years now, we have been serving the residents                                       New Year’s Eve
                   of  the Suburb and we have enjoyed every moment.

           Whether your property is a cottage or a castle, destined for sale or               Fireworks Party
                             for rent, we can surely handle it.

             We have the most comprehensive selection of  properties under
            one roof.  From our Global connections, we find the best buyers/
              tenants from all over the world – not just from the immediate
                                            area.                                         FREE DRINKS

            As the longest serving agents in the area, we believe in good old-              Residents are warmly invited to the Residents Association
              fashioned service - no fuss, no obligation, please give us a call.
                                                                                            party in St. Jude’s from 10:45pm, followed by a fireworks
                                                                                                   extravaganza on Central Square at midnight.
                                                                                                   There will be a collection to help with the cost of fireworks

                          YEARS TRADING
                                                                                                    Organised by the Events Committee of the Residents Association.
                                                                                                           With thanks to St. Jude’s for hosting the event.
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