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                   Should the Suburb

                  stop the Fireworks?                                                                                                                                MICHAEL ELEFTHERIADES

      Like many inventions, fireworks   there was a firework display   stewards on hand, ensuring it
      were created by accident... and by   because of a ‘letter’ written by   was both dazzling and safe.
      the search for immortality. Around   merchant Robert Laneham. His   Yet, for all their beauty, we
      800 AD, a Chinese alchemist   eyewitness account, frustratingly,  ought to be mindful that there
      mixed  sulphur,  charcoal,  and   doesn’t go into any detail about   can be serious problems with
      potassium nitrate hoping to find   the fireworks, but, he does write   fireworks. An obvious one is the
      the secret to eternal life. Instead,   that the “blaze of burning darts,  noise which can terrify animals
      the mixture caught fire and gun-  flying to & fro, streams and hail   and young children. Fireworks
      powder was born. Legend has it   of fiery sparks, lightnings of   are also known to be a main
      that a little later, a Chinese monk,   wildfire on water and land, flight   contributor of accidents during
      stuffed bamboo with the saltpeter-  & shoots of thunderbolts: all with   parties and celebrations. Then,
      based gunpowder and launched   such …terror and vehemence,  of course, there is also the
      it into a fire causing a modest   that the heavens thundered, the   environmental impact.
      explosion and an impressive bang,   waters scourged, the earth shook.”   This year, China’s largest city,
      along with a bright spray of   He was certainly impressed. Lucy   Shanghai, replaced traditional
      sparkling white lights. Fireworks   Worsley attempted to recreate   fireworks  with  nearly  2,000   Taken earlier this year, this photograph demonstrates that Sunshine Corner, the gateway to the Suburb in The Great Wall on the
      were born. The Chinese used them   the event in a BBC programme   drones which produced a   Heath extension, has seen a great improvement since it was taken in hand by the HGS Trust. The work was done in association
                                                                                      with Stephen Crisp of SPC Design.
      to  accompany  many  festivities   called:  “Fireworks for  a Tudor   stunning synchronised display.
      as it was believed fireworks   Queen”  Fitted  with  multi-coloured
      could expel evil spirits and   programmes/b09cfwt4    lights, the drones flew high
      bring about luck and happiness.  Fireworks are still very much   above  the  city  creating  shapes,
         Fireworks were first introduced   part of our lives today. It is   text and even the figure of a   New Year celebrations
      in England at the wedding of   difficult to imagine November   man running across the sky.
      Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.   5th without them and the New   The effect was utterly amazing.  On December 31 the HGSRA held   position for the climax of the   night, both inside St Jude’s and
      Their son, Henry VIII, continued   Year’s Eve fireworks seem to get   Such displays have led to the   its  final  event  of  the  year,  the   night. Luckily for once, the   outside, as stewards and bucket
      the royal tradition of celebrating   bigger every year. This year In   prediction that China will   New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party,  wind and rain held off.  collectors and especially to
      with fireworks. Elizabeth I was   London, some 12,000 fireworks   herald the end of fireworks, just   in St Jude’s.  As clocks struck midnight and   Father Alan Walker, vicar of the
      absolutely fascinated by them,   lit up the capital’s skyline. And,  as it heralded their beginning.  As for many years, people   the church bell rang, Platinum   church, without whom all this
      and this prompted Robert Dudley,   once again, at St Jude’s, here in   This then begs the question,  quickly filled the church, enjoying   Fireworks launched their special,  would not have been possible.
      first Earl of Leicester, to organise   the Suburb, a spectacular display   particularly in this age of climate   drinks and snacks made and   spectacular display, illuminating   Finally, and most importantly,
      an  extravagant  event,  costing   was arranged by the Residents   change awareness, should the   provided  by  local  helpers  who   the night sky with multiple   thanks to our generous sponsor,
      the equivalent of £24 million in   Association. The display was fully   Suburb continue with its annual   also served them. At 11.45pm   special effects.  The Spaniards Inn, for their
      today’s money, at Kenilworth   managed by a professional firm,  firework display using traditional   everyone moved into Central   Many thanks go to all the   contribution for this event.
      Castle in a bid to win Elizabeth’s   risk assessments were carried   fireworks?  A  spokesperson  for   Square to find a good viewing   dedicated volunteers on the   TONY BRAND
      hand in marriage. We know   out and there were plenty of   the Residents Association said
                                                           “Moving  to  a  Shanghai  laser
                                                            style display is not yet a viable
                                                            option for the Suburb, but we
                                                            are  looking into a low  noise                                                CESAR RODRIGUEZ-DURAN      CESAR RODRIGUEZ-DURAN
                                                            option for this year’s New Year’s
                                                            Eve celebrations. This is a very
                                                            popular event with people giving
                                                            great feedback but we realise it
                                                            is not everyone’s cup of tea”
                                                              What do our readers think?
                                                            Please email your thoughts to
                                                            us at
      A stunning Chinese New Year Light Drone display.                     THE EDITORS

                                                                                      (Above) Hardworking stewards take a break for a photo op.  The Reverend Alan Walker counts down
                WE ALWAYS DELIVER ON
                                                                                      (Below) New Year revellers gather in St Jude’s before the firework display.
                                                                                                                                            to midnight.
                            OUR PROMISES                                                                                                                             CESAR RODRIGUEZ-DURAN

            For more than 40 years now, we have been serving the residents
                   of  the Suburb and we have enjoyed every moment.

           Whether your property is a cottage or a castle, destined for sale or
                             for rent, we can surely handle it.

             We have the most comprehensive selection of  properties under
            one roof.  From our Global connections, we find the best buyers/
              tenants from all over the world – not just from the immediate
                                            area.                                                                The 108th RA AGM

            As the longest serving agents in the area, we believe in good old-                                        will take place on Monday 30 March 2020
              fashioned service - no fuss, no obligation, please give us a call.                                    at 8pm in the Henrietta Barnett School Hall,
                                                                                                                                   Central Square.
                                                                                                   Nominations for posts of officers and members of the Council
                                                                                          must be received by 16 March 2020. The nomination should be submitted in writing,
                                                                                                   signed by the nominee, a proposer and a seconder and sent to:
                                                                                         Christina Brownson, RA Administrator, PO Box 67700, London NW11 1NS
                          YEARS TRADING
                                                                                                             (The AGM agenda will be available on the
                                                                                                      RA website - - by 23 March 2020)
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