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Coronavirus and the Suburb

                       Applause for the NHS                                                   Looking after your neighbours

                                                                                      A small informal group of local   have sensibly come forward to   online and will be unable to
                                                                                      residents have been chatting   ask for help.          access some very helpful online
                                                                                      together about how best to link   We are aware that many   initiatives. Please do not assume
                                                                                      residents who want to help,  residents are in touch with their   that everyone is OK. Please check.
                                                                                      with  residents  who  could  use   church or synagogue or another   So the message here is :
                                                                                      some support in the current   local charity or membership   1.  Think  of  your  neighbours
                                                                                      difficult situation. Over recent   organisation – either to volunteer   who might need some support
                                                                                      days, we have heard of people   or to ask for assistance. These  – perhaps put a note through
                                                                                     SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY
                                                                                      who still need help with daily   links are invaluable and we   their door giving your name,
                                                                                      survival; the kind of help which   would  urge  everyone to  make   address and phone number.
                                                                                      can be easily offered by a   use of them. Use your contacts   2. Don’t be afraid to ask for support
                                                                                      thoughtful neighbour.      with people and organisations   from neighbours – remember that
                                                                                         So please, could all residents   you know!         the safest helpers are likely to be
                                                                                      take a moment to check that   As we all muddle our way   those who live close by and whose
                                                                                      people living nearby are in touch   through this very strange and   name and address you know.
                                                                                      with somebody they can call on if   difficult time, can we also   If you are having difficulties
                                                                                      necessary. We know that there are   remind residents to reach out to   which you cannot resolve yourself,
                                                                                      already  many kind volunteers   neighbours who might need   we can be contacted as a group
                                                                                      in the Suburb helping neighbours   some assistance – even if you do   on the following phone number
                                                                                      who are less able to deal with   not  usually  have contact  with   3322 8123. This number is not
                                 Suburb. This was the HGS   and front doors, some even   practical tasks at the moment.  them. Many of the older members   manned but we will check it daily.
                                 residents’ unified response to   ventured outside to stand in their   And we know that many people   of our community may not be   EMMA HOWARD, RA CHAIR
                                 the social media campaign   driveways or at their gates, and
                                 calling  for people  to ‘Clap for   produced a wonderful uplifting
                                 our Carers’ in a bid to show   cacophony of community spirit.    HGS Combat Stress update
                                 those in the NHS how much we   This collective applause was
                                 all appreciate their hard work.   repeated the following Thursday   Like most other organisations,  September. Wouldn’t it be lovely   programmes going as far as
                                    The social media post said:   and included an applause for carers   Covid-19 has forced the HGS   to get together in green and   possible for armed services
      At 8pm on March 26, clapping,  “During these unprecedented   and key workers. The ‘applause’   Combat Stress Committee to   pleasant surroundings, with   veterans who have been referred
      cheering, whistling, saucepan   times they (the NHS) need to   has now become a regular   suspend all planned fundraising   home-made teas and a raffle?  to them. You can donate at
      percussion (and even a yodel)   know that we are grateful.”  Thursday evening feature.   activities for the time being.   Once we can safely meet
      could be heard all around the   Residents stood at open windows   SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY  Sadly, we will be unable to ‘feed   again, we hope to bring you a    MARJORIE HARRIS
                                                                                      the five thousand’ visitors to   screening of the ‘Military Wives’
                          Sam’s soup kitchen                                          the Art Fair, which was due to   movie  in a  venue to  be
                                                                                      take place at Fellowship House
                                                                                      forward to Caroline and David
      Samantha Lhoas, HGS resident                                                    on 24/25 April. We are looking   November. This is a film based
                                                                                                                 on the familiar BBC story of
      and MasterChef 2020 quarter                                                     Broome opening their attractive   The Choir, with Kristin Scott
      finalist, is making headlines yet                                               and well-known garden in East   Thomas and Sharon Horgan as
      again. This time it’s for her                                                   Finchley in aid of Combat Stress.  service wives starting up a
      fabulous homemade soup which                                                    If, by a miracle, this opening is   morale-boosting choir for the
      she makes for the vulnerable                                                    able to  go ahead  on Sunday 2   wives and partners of British
      and  self-isolating.  After  seeing                                             August, 1-5pm, we will let you   troops deployed overseas. There
      what was happening in Northern                                                  know.  Check  the  Residents   will be tea and cake and all
      Italy (her in-laws live in Milan                                                Association online events page   proceeds will go to Combat
      and were isolated when the                                                      for  August  nearer  the  time.  Stress.  Meanwhile,  Combat
      lockdown started) Sam ‘predicted’                                               Otherwise, it may be possible to   Stress still urgently needs funds
      the same thing would happen                                                     visit  some  time  up  to mid-  to keep its mental health
      in the UK within weeks and
      began to think what she could                                                   Suburb. Sam says, as soon as
      do when the UK lock-down                                                        they visited the area they knew
      occurred. Sam has always loved
      cooking, inheriting this passion                                                this was where they wanted to
                                                                                      live and bring up their two girls.
      from her Belgian mother  with                                                   They  initially lived in  North
      whom she often baked with as a                                                  Square before moving to Heath-
      child, so decided to offer a soup
      service to those who might need                                                 croft, which Sam describes as ‘a
                                                                                      community within a community’.
      it. She posted her free soup                                                       Sam makes around 25-30
      service on local neighbourhood   who,  due to the Covid-19   seven years ago. Neither of them   portions  of  soup  each  time
      sites and was amazed by the   restrictions, have excess perishable   had heard of HGS. Sam previously
      response.  From  her  small  stock. Sam has also received   lived in Clapham, her husband   (mostly  vegetarian  such as
                                                                                      roasted cauliflower or parsnip
      kitchen in Heathcroft, where   donations of pots, pans and   in Marylebone. When they   soup  depending  on  what
      she moved to in January this   even hand blenders from some   described their wish to be   produce she has available
      year, Sam makes her soups   HGS residents.            somewhere with green space,
      ‘from scratch’ using fresh produce   Sam says she fell in love   near good schools and a   although she always makes a
                                                                                      kosher chicken soup on Fridays.
      donated from local residents,  with the Suburb when looking to   community feel, their estate   If any of the soups can’t be
       GAD_Wills-ProbateSuburbNews_137mm x 210mm_Layout 1  12/03/2019  14:45  Page 1
      high-end restaurants and hotels   buy a home with her husband   agent introduced them to the
                                                                                      collected  she  delivers  them
                                                                                      herself – often with the help of
                                                                                      her husband. Sam ensures they
                                                                                      are masked-up and gloved and
            We’ll cross the t’s                                                       ‘customers’’ doorsteps and, in one
                                                                                      case, in the seat of the Motability
            and dot the i’s.                                                          scooter of a 91 year old gentle-
                                                                                      man. She strictly complies with
                                                                                      social distancing and doesn’t
                                                                                      engage with her customers
                                                                                      apart from the odd wave,                 G Cohen
            Act now for Power of Attorney,                                            although she says she has                 ANTIQUE SILVER
            Wills & Probate.                                                          received lovely telephone calls
                                                                                      of  thanks which  has  allowed
            You’ll want us on your side.                                              Sam to get to know some of her
                                                                                      customers. As she says “It’s not
                                                                                      just about providing a meal but   We wish to purchase items of silver in any
                                                                                      also about providing a connection   condition. As a long standing resident of the
                                                                                      through  food  to  those  who
            For practical, expert advice                                              can’t get out because they are   Suburb,  Gideon  Cohen  is  happy  to  view
            call Monica Cervellini on                                                 isolating. Just like my in-laws.”  your silverware at home and will make an
                                                                                         Sam is still delivering soup
            0208 209 2651                                                             once or twice a week. So if you,   offer to purchase, free of any obligation.
                                                                                      or somebody you know in the
                                                                                      Suburb, is self isolating, in           17 The London Silver Vaults
                                                          quarantine or vulnerable, please   53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QT
                @GAD_Legal                                                            do get in touch with her and                  020 7404 1425
                                                         she will do her best to help.   
                                                                                         She  now has  an  email
                                                                                      address for this voluntary service:
            Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors is a trading name of National Law Partners Limited authorised and regulated by the
            Solicitors Regulation Authority and registered in England and Wales under Company number 08312439.
                                                                                             SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY
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