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      Corona: Some light to brighten its darkness

                                                        with our siblings, but who doesn’t love a good bicker with
                                                         their brother or sister? (We certainly do!) On a more serious
                                                         note, not being weighed down by a pile of work on our desks
                                                         has given us the invaluable opportunity to strengthen our

                                                         family ties.
                                                            As young people, self-isolation is allowing us to flourish.
                                                         Creatively, we have been able to explore our hobbies and
                                                         interests in depth now that we are not bound to the restraints     Eating Green
                                                         of school. We have used this time to practice the saxophone,
                                                         write a novel, learn new languages such as Korean, draw           in Quarantine
                                                         portraits and participate in fun dance workouts. On top of   Help the planet without leaving your home

                                         Support for the NHS  all this, our self-care routines have improved. We’ve been   Even though we are stuck at home at the moment, it’s
                                                          able to catch up on much needed sleep, take daily baths
       Coronavirus. COVID-19. We know that you’re probably tired   with colourful bath bombs, bake cookies and brownies, and   important to remember the power that we have to affect
       of the same old topic, again and again, and initially, we too   spend precious time away from our phones.   the world around us. Although many of our regular habits
       approached the coronavirus with a negative outlook. For us,   And so can you! You can use this time to discover new   are currently impossible, we can still have a massive impact
       year  11  students,  our  GCSEs  had  been  cancelled  and  the   passions and spend time doing things you normally wouldn’t   on the environment through what we eat. Here’s a list of a
       summer ahead of us seemed bleak. Receiving news and   – like reading a good book!                           few easy things to focus on in your diet that mean you can
       notifications constantly made us feel as if we were trapped   Another positive is how social distancing and self-  help the planet from the comfort of your own home.
       in a black bubble of anxiety and panic. However, fear not!   isolating has benefited the environment. Due to the decrease   1)  Personally, as a vegan, I feel passionately that a plant-
       Not everything about the coronavirus is dark and dismal. In   in the number of cars on streets and planes in the sky, fewer   based diet is the single best way to reduce our carbon
       the last few weeks, we have come to see not only the kind   greenhouse gases are being emitted into the atmosphere   footprints and help the planet. If everyone cut out meat
        and generous actions from people to their local communities,   and the lack of smog has meant that, the other day, we   even just for one meal a week, that would have a huge
        but also, as individuals, we’ve been able to use the time on   caught a glimpse of the stars! On the cusp of spring, it is   global impact. Meat-Free Monday is an easy way to start
        our hands to expand our minds and practice self-care in its   fantastic to see wildlife thriving, with less litter blanketing   sources in your diet. Subject to any allergies you may have,
                                                                                                                   incorporating more plant-based foods and protein
                                                              So to conclude, while the coronavirus is not to be taken
        finest form.                                       the roads.                                              chickpeas, lentils, and other legumes; nuts; tofu, seitan
          To start off with, the coronavirus has brought the
        charitable side out of everyone. We have seen this through   lightly, it’s possible to see a sunnier aspect to these difficult   are good meat substitutes. An Oxford University study
        our own eyes - whether that be through society’s appreciation   days. Remember to stay safe, wash your hands thoroughly,   recently concluded that a vegan diet is the ‘single biggest
        shown for key workers such as the NHS, people’s willingness   and surprise those around you with good deeds and smiles   way’ to reduce our environmental impact on the earth
        to protect the older generation and the vulnerable, or   to brighten their day, even in what seems to be the darkest   and is increasingly easy in this day and age. So, with all
        everyone doing their part by self-isolating in an act of   of times.                  ALLIE & KAYA         this extra time on your hands why not try making a new
        consideration for those around them. To us, the telling                                                    vegan recipe?
         moment of this was on March 26, when thousands of people   Time to enjoy a good read                      2)  Eat locally sourced foods. Apples flown in from the
         took to the streets to clap for the heroic actions of the front                                           USA, asparagus from Peru, and grapes from Chile. Many
         line saviours of the NHS. Companies have also been showing                                                foods in the supermarket have travelled further than some
         gratitude to key workers with Uber vowing to cover 100,000                                                of us will in our lives! Just as humans flying internationally is
         free meals and 200,000 free rides for NHS staff, showing the                                              ‘air miles’ are a major contributor to the climate crisis.
                                                                                                                   costly to the environment, food has the same impact. These
         country uniting as one to fight the virus.                                                                Instead, prioritise goods from the UK where possible –
            Yet positive change is also visible within family dynamics.
         Have you noticed an increase in the number of shared family                                               carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, potatoes and more can all
         meals? Have you also found yourself having  more                                                          grow here in the spring. Animal produce can also be
         conversations with your siblings about the latest video                                                   bought from local farms and this way local businesses
          games or the new Billie Eilish song? It’s most likely that you                                           can be supported.
          have - for self-isolating has given us more downtime to                                                  3)  Eat seasonally. Just as air travel is powered by green-
          cherish with the people who truly matter: our family. Granted,   Lockdown dancing                        house  gases,  out-of-season  foods require  greenhouses
          one can say that this time allows us to have more arguments                                              too. To grow ‘summer foods’ in the UK outside of
                                                                                                                   summertime, massive amounts of heat energy is needed
                                                                                                                   (and in real greenhouses!). Just because we can eat like it
                                                                 With all of this newly found free time, this could be your
                                                                                                                   is always summer doesn’t necessarily mean that we
                                                                 opportunity to rekindle your love for exercise. Not only is
                                                                                                                   should. Try researching what produce is ‘in season’ in the
                                                                exercise good for our bodies, but our minds too, it releases
                                                                                                                   UK and aim to mainly include these in your meals.
                                                                endorphins and can make us happier overall. The
                                                                                                                   4)  Next, pay attention to the packaging of the food you
                                                                government has permitted one outdoor form of exercise
                                                                                                                   buy. Lots of the fresh produce we buy has unnecessary
                                                                a day, however, keeping  fit doesn’t necessarily mean
                                                                                                                   amounts of plastic involved. Instead of buying chopped
                                                                going out for a run. There are many activities you can do
                                                                                                                   veg in a bag, use the extra time we have to chop it up at
                                                                indoors, such as yoga, Zumba or even boxing! Collectively,
                                                                                                                   home! Opt for unpackaged foods where possible, and of
                                                                one of our favourite forms of indoor exercise is dancing.
                                                                                                                   course,  bring  your  reusable  shopping  bags  with  you
                                                                  There are many ways you can get into dancing, there
                                                                                                                   when you go to the supermarket.
                                                                are many dance workout videos on YouTube aimed at
                                                                                                                   5)  And finally, I want to defend an old friend that has
                                                                beginners, you could also video call a friend and dance
                                                                                                                   earned a bad reputation among environmentalists. Palm
                                                               with them, but you could also just put some music on and
                                                                                                                   oil. Found in most packaged foods, palm oil has lately
                                                               dance by yourself. To help with the latter option we have
                                                                                                                   been discussed as having a terrible effect on the rainforest
                                                               created a playlist filled with some of our favourite songs to
                                                               work out to.
                                                                                                                   and its wildlife. However, while it is undeniable that the
                                                                                                                   palm oil industry can be damaging to biodiversity and
                                                                                                                   contribute to deforestation, this is only part of the story:
                                                                                                                   truth be told, companies choose it for a reason. Palm oil is
                                                                                                                   efficient to grow (it only uses a quarter of the land needed
                                                                 To access this playlist, all you need to do is download
                                                                                                                   for other comparative oils, and doesn’t require many
                                                              the Spotify app (but do ask your parents first). Then open
                                                                                                                   pesticides or fertilisers), it’s cheap and it has a long shelf
                                                              up the search bar and click on the camera icon on the
                                                                                                                   life. With the growing trend of people boycotting products
                                                              right-hand side. It will then let you scan the code shown
                                                                                                                   containing palm oil, companies may be forced to use oils
                                                              above. If you don’t have a Spotify account or prefer not to
                 Biggest isn’t always best                    have chosen then here’s the list:                    that are actually more damaging for the environment. I
                                                              download Spotify but want to check out the songs we
                                                                                                                   urge you not to avoid palm oil entirely, but to opt for
           We are a small school that has been around since 1884, teaching    Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall • Queen -   products that use RSPO palm oil (certified to prove it is
           a large family of outstanding girls aged 4 to 16, all in a big house.  Under Pressure • Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out • Of   responsibly farmed) and to campaign for sustainable
             We keep our classes small and make sure every girl gets a    Monsters And Men - Little Talks • The Lumineers - Ophelia •   palm oil.
             level of attention impossible in a larger school, enabling her    Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine • Emma   In this unprecedented time, it’s important to remember
             to achieve excellent GCSE results before going on to some                                             that we are not powerless – we can impact on the world
                       of London’s top Sixth Forms.           Stevens- Riptide • Alistair Griffin - You only live once • Panic!   around  us  profoundly  even  while  locked  up  indoors.  If
            This is the last call for applications to the Junior School for    At the Disco - High Hope • Coldplay - Viva la Vida • Foster
           September 2020 admission, with one Bursary place unclaimed.  the people - pumped up kicks • Michael Jackson - Beat it •   everyone uses the current lock down to implement a few
                                                                                                                   more sustainable habits into their diets, we can come out
                                                             Taio Cruz - Dynamite • The Beatles - Twist and Shout • The
          To apply please complete the registration form on our website to register                                the end of this pandemic better  prepared to help  our
         your interest or email: for more information.  Kooks - She moves in her own way • Elton John - Crocodile
                                                             rock • Bring me the horizon - Follow you. Enjoy!      planet. There is still time to mitigate the climate crisis. And
                                                                                                    MADHU          you can do it from home!
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