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                              INFORMATION 2021

                                               BARNET COUNCIL                         COUNCIL TAX
       Local                                   Increasingly Barnet Council wants all    T   8359 2608                         Police Information

       Government                              enquiries to be made through its website    MEMORIAL BENCHES                   LOCAL POLICE STATION
                                               with access buttons to all main categories
       Related                                 on the home page.                      T   8359 3555                           AT COLINDALE
                                               Please try the numbers on the right only as a
       Organisations                           last resort. Our Councillors are also very   PARKING PERMITS                   Open 24 hours a day
                                               helpful in getting you assistance if needed.
                                                                                                                                 Grahame Park Way NW9 5TW
                                                                                      T   8359 2608                              (next to RAF Museum)
       GARDEN SUBURB WARD                      ALL ENQUIRIES                                                                  T   7230 1212
       COUNCILLORS (FOR MOST OF HGS)           Between 9-5 daily and out-of-hours emergencies  PARKS AND OPEN SPACES             999 for emergencies only, otherwise 101
       •   Rohit Grover (Conservative)         T   8359 2000                          T   8359 4600                           W to report a crime.
       T   07753 441 349                       E        E
       E         W                        STREET BASED SERVICES                   GARDEN SUBURB
       •   John Marshall (Conservative)                                                                                       SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD
       T   8202 1509                           ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH                   Including reporting fly tipping and potholes  POLICE TEAM
       E       Including noise enforcement, pests and    T   8359 4600                        Open Wed 5-8pm, Thu 5-8pm, Sat 12-3pm,
       •   Gabriel Rozenberg (Lib Dem)         anti-social behaviour                  WASTE AND REFUSE SERVICES               Sun 12-3pm
       T   07879 477 128                       T   8359 7995
       E                                             T   8359 4600                              61 Golders Green Road NW11 8EL
                                               PLANNING                                                                       T   7161 8185
       EAST FINCHLEY WARD                      T   8359 3000                          BARNET MEETINGS FOR LOCAL               E
       OF NORTH HGS)                                                                  F&GG RESIDENTS FORUM                    EAST FINCHLEY
       •   Claire Farrier (Labour)             ADULT SOCIAL CARE                      For HGS residents to submit issues online and   SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD
       T   3726 2470                           T   8359 5000                          to attend meetings                      POLICE TEAM
       E                                                                                          113 High Road N2 8AG
       •   Arjun Mittra (Labour)               ASSISTED TRAVEL INCLUDING              F&GG AREA COMMITTEE                     T   7161 9014
       T   07867 902 400                       BLUE BADGES                            For HGS residents to oppose planning    E
       E         T   8359 4131                          applications, removal of trees and other
       •   Alison Moore (Labour)                                                      local issues. Details on LBB’s website in their    HAMPSTEAD HEATH
       T   8349 4483                           BARNET HOMES                           Democracy section.                      CONSTABULARY
       E          T   8080 6587                          W
                                                                                         uucoverpage.aspx                     For Heath issues only
                                                                                                                              T   8340 5260
                                                                                      MP FOR FINCHLEY AND                     E
                                                                                      GOLDERS GREEN
                                                                                          212 Ballards Lane N3 2LX            POLICE & COMMUNITY
                                                                                                                              ACTION PANEL FOR
                                                                                      •  Mike Freer (Conservative)            GARDEN SUBURB
                                                                                      T   8455 5875
                                                                                      E         •  Richard Davis (Chair)
                                                                                      W                         E

                                                                                          Cree Godfrey & Wood provide a full range of services including Residential and Commercial
                                                                                          Conveyancing, Landlord and Tenant advice, Employment (Compromise Agreements), Family,
                                                                                                  Wills Probate and Elderly Client advice and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

                                                                                            Why choose CGW Solicitors?

                                                                                                                       Our team are:
                                                                                                        COMMITTED to excellent customer service;
                                                                                                          Offer GOOD value and reasonable fees;
                                                                                           Here to WORK for you and give you honest, straightforward and effective
                                                                                                             advice in a timely effi cient manner.

                                                                                                               T: 0208 883 9414  • F: 0208 444 5414
                                                                                                     W:  • E:
                                                                                                   Cree Godfrey & Wood, 28 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 9PJ

                                                                                                                           RESIDENTIAL SURVEYS    ■   BUILDING DEFECTS
                                                                                                                                     PARTY WALL AWARDS

                                                                                                                            6th Floor, Two Kingdom Street, Paddington Basin
                                                                                                                                        London W2 6BD
                                                                                                                             T 020 8458 2525    ■   E
                                                                                         WE HAVE BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH
                                                                                          THE SUBURB FOR OVER 30 YEARS

       HAMPSTEAD GARDEN SUBURB RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION                                                                      DIRECTORY OF SUBURB INFORMATION 2021
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