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New opportunities in lockdown

            Cooking up a storm                                         Happiness is... an allotment                                             Socially

           hen Gill Roberts decided                          ’ve always loved being outside   beds and thinner paths, including   allotment was a sad and
      Wto retire in 2019 from a 40                         I in nature, but I only really got   some artistic new path-laying by   neglected place. Really getting   croquet
      year career of teaching cookery,                    BRIAN ROBERTS  into gardening two years ago   me. And I’ve put my crafting skills   to grips with it, planting things,
      it was her wish to be with her                        after a visit to Japan, where I fell   to practical use with two macrame   losing them to slugs, planting
      soon-to-arrive first grandchild.                      in love with the gardens of Kyoto   bean frames, the fancier of the two   them again, eventually and
      She also imagined there would                         and the national obsession with   featuring some disco-sparkling   hopefully  watching  actual
      be more time to devote to the                         flower viewing seasons. So, when   hula hoops.       useful veg emerge, has been
      children’s cookery lessons and                        I got back, I started small with   In the process I’ve made good   very  rewarding  and  a  good
      parties she ran from home, and                        the front garden. Fast forward   friends with the local robins,  excuse to nip away from my
      to catering for large functions                       to now and the front garden   met several cats and a fox, and   ironing board desk at regular
      such as significant birthdays                         looks passable – and actually, it   even had a show-down with a   intervals to get some sunshine,
      and canape parties. But whilst                        is a delight to be watching the   free-ranging dog (Boris, fittingly   sneak in some watering and
      Covid derailed these culinary                         alliums and peonies bloom from   a small blond poodle). I’ve   enjoy the fresh air. It’s also been
      plans it did not diminish her                         the sitting room, which has now   learned all sorts of new knotting   a lovely way to connect with
      love of cookery. What was needed                      become my office (complete with   skills, picked up the odd bit of   neighbours – swapping seeds
      was a re-think.                                       ironing board standing desk)   carpentry, got sunburnt in April,  and seedlings and jam and cake
         Her first initiative was to                        for  the  foreseeable  future.  So,  and eaten my first batch of   with appropriate social distancing   ntil the summer of 2020 I,
      start offering meals to locals                        thoroughly infected with the   home-grown pak choi.  measures in place.        Ulike many, had an image of
      who were shielding and could                          gardening  bug  and  with  the   I’ve loved watching the   Thanks to the allotment, I   croquet as a gentle and somewhat
      no longer enjoy regular visits to                     arrival of lockdown, taking on   season progress over the months   couldn’t be happier. Lockdown   sedate pastime. When joining
      their favourite restaurants or                        the new challenge of my stepdad’s   of lockdown alongside progress   has been a chance to stay home   Fellowship’s Croquet Club I
      were just fed up with cooking   the highest tiered restrictions?   allotment became the number   on the plot. It’s amazing thinking   and focus on things that couldn’t   expected afternoons of fresh air
      and wanted a break. So, a menu   Well, if Joe Wicks can teach work-  one priority in attempting to   back to when lockdown started   be more rewarding. I’m sure the   and very good (socially distanced)
      of individual dishes was created   outs on YouTube maybe cookery   make it through the pandemic  – the leaves were just starting to   slugs are delighted!  company. This was true, of
      for a simple supper or when put   could  work  out  too?  So,  after   sane and happy.  pop  out  on  the  trees  and  the   MAVIS MCKENZIE  course, but I had not anticipated
      together could form a special   some fiendish IT challenges and   In previous years my allotment                                      the confusing croquet jargon,
      meal for a birthday or anniversary.  immense anxiety, Gill started her   jobs have mostly been the tidy                               the match tactics required or
      The demand took a while to   cookery classes on Zoom. And so   things, like growing fancy                                             the sheer competitiveness!
      build up but soon Gill was   far, it seems to be a great success.   Italian tomato seeds. But this                                      All standards of player can
      carrying  her wicker basket full   The children are in their own   year lockdown has been exactly                                     join in and enjoy the game –
      of  tasty  morsels  around  the   kitchens and are supervised   the impetus my mum and I                                              mixing and matching the
      Suburb streets like a latter-day   during the call by their parents   needed to really get our hands                                  inexperienced with the experts
      Red Riding Hood. Word got out   or nannies. The menu is sent in   dirty. We’ve seized control of                                      gives every couple/team the
      and soon a car was needed for   advance with the ingredients   the plot and spent all our                                             chance of winning. As a beginner,
      those further afield and a meals-  and utensils required, together   weekends toiling away clearing                                   however, I soon decided even
      on-wheels-type service was born.  with the meeting invite. There   some of the vast network of                                        more  fun  was  to  be  had  if  I
      What  a  joy  to  get  out  of  the   was a thought that the children   bindweed that underpinned                                     played  a little better and  so
      house! And delivering the dishes   would be Zoomed out after their   the entire plot. We’ve used our                                  started to practice in the  back
      gave Gill the chance of getting   schoolwork, but it seems that   precious hour of daily outdoor                                      garden; I even resorted to watching
      to know the families, make new   doing something practical is a   time to prowl the skips of the                                      croquet matches on You Tube!
      friends and share news during   welcome change from academic   Suburb for useful bits and bobs,                                       What started as a mild interest
      the pandemic.              studies. And, just maybe, a few   and as a result now have four                                            had become an engrossing sport.
         But how could Gill possibly   new budding MasterChefs will   pallet composts and two raised                                          To join Fellowship’s croquet
      continue with her children’s   be inspired during this very   beds. We’ve redrawn the map of                                          club, you can contact Chris Page
      cookery lessons and parties which   strange time of ours!  the allotment to make it a bit                                             on 8455 2785.
      were not allowed as we entered           BRIAN ROBERTS  more navigable – with narrower                                                             JACKIE MURPHY

         Temple Fortune Health Centre’s vaccination hub

        expect many of our readers   be safely vaccinated at speed,   of need), as well as security staff   vaccine and deal with copious
      I   will either already have attended   the TFHC team decided that a   and volunteer marshals to help   paperwork. They included several                       PHOTOS: LUISA PETTIGREW
      Temple Fortune Health  Centre   special purpose vaccination   people find their way.  retired clinicians and practice
      (TFHC) for their Covid vaccination   centre  in  the  staff  car  park   The vaccination centre opened   managers who have volunteered
      or will know someone who has.  located under the building was   in the first week of January and   their time to help the vaccination
      TFHC was one of the first GP-led   called for. Marquees were hired   is serving many Suburb residents   campaign.  This  has  been  a
      healthcare centres to receive the   to provide suitable temporary   as well as other locals, since the   Herculean effort by all TFHC
      brand-new Pfizer BioNTech and   accommodation comprising a   Health Centre is acting as a hub   staff and some of you may have
      then the AstraZeneca vaccine   reception area plus several   for seven GP practices in the   seen the feature on BBC1’s
      for administration.        vaccination cubicles and a   area. Local healthcare and care   Panorama programme about it.
         They started giving injections   marquee to deal with people in   home workers have also been   Local volunteers have provided
      in the surgery, however, due to the   wheelchairs or with mobility   able to be vaccinated here.   invaluable support, helping out
      need to carry on providing the   issues. All this is supported by   Local doctors, dentists, nurses,  in various ways including with
      normal range of medical services   post-vaccine observation (needed   pharmacists,  paramedics  and   the logistics and even bringing   we just need a continual supply   to wait to be contacted - just
      and the need to increase the   for  the  Pfizer  vaccine)  with   other GP practice staff have been   in hot homemade soup and   of vaccines to meet demand!”  make sure the surgery has your
       GAD_Enfranchisement_SuburbNews_137mm x 120mm_Layout 1  08/02/2021  09:46  Page 1
      number  of  patients  that  could   volunteer paramedics (in case   working hard to administer the   meals for the staff who have   The vaccine hub will contact   up to date contact details, ideally
                                                                                      been working outdoors in the
                                                                                      bitter months of winter.   patients when they are eligible,  with a mobile contact number.
                                                                                                                                              For more information about
                                                                                                                 as soon as vaccines are available.
                                                                                         Dr Luisa Pettigrew, Clinical   To prevent the practice phonelines   the COVID vaccination please
                                                                                      Director for Primary Care
             Introducing Graham Jaffe                                                 TFHC who was instrumental in   becoming overwhelmed, the   go to:
                                                                                      Network 6 in Barnet and a GP at
                                                                                                                 health centre kindly asks patients
                                                                                                                                                         EMMA HOWARD
            Leasehold                                                                 planning this military style
                                                                                      operation  said:  “It’s  been  a
                                                                                      major undertaking to set up the
            Enfranchisement                                                           vaccination hub in such a short          G Cohen
                                                                                      space of time, but with an
                                                                                      incredible team and wonderful
            Expert                                                                    volunteers we’ve done it. Now             ANTIQUE SILVER

                                                                                                                       We wish to purchase items of silver in any
            Buying your freehold or extending your
            lease contact Graham for experienced                                                                       condition. As a long standing resident of the
            specialist advice.                                                                                         Suburb,  Gideon  Cohen  is  happy  to  view
                                                                                                                       your silverware at home and will make an
            Call on 0208 209 2653                                                                                      offer to purchase, free of any obligation.
                                                                                                                              17 The London Silver Vaults
                                                                                                                        53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QT
                                                                                                        020 7404 1425
            746 Finchley Road NW11 7TH                                                                                

            Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors is a trading                                                          
            name of National Law Partners Limited.

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