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Volunteering in lockdown

                                                                                          n hearing school wasn’t   and  also  offered  to  support
                                                                                      Ostarting again in January, I   Burnt Oak Community Centre
                                                                                      was faced with much more time   through my synagogue, New                      LIZZY STEINHART
                                                                                      on my hands to think about what   North London. Both were happy
                                                                                      volunteering activity I could get   to hear from me. A WhatsApp
                                                                                      involved with for my Duke of   group for my street, Southway,
                                                                                      Edinburgh Award, knowing that   had been set up at the beginning
                                                                                      with social distancing and other   of the first lockdown which is
                                                                                      lockdown restrictions, my choice   where I decided to first publicise
                                                                                      would be limited.          my offer of doing door to door
                                                                                         Last  Easter  during  the  first   collections for any families who
                                                                                      lockdown my family had helped   wanted to donate.
                                                                                      with some food collections locally   My first collection was
                                                                                      when  we  heard  that  people   between Christmas and New
                                                                                      were starting to lose their jobs   Year and since then I have
                                                                                      and  not  able  to  afford  to  feed   expanded my collections to
                                                                                      themselves or their families   another four streets: Thornton
                                                                                      which really made me feel just   Way,  Litchfield  Way,  Meadway
                                                                                      how lucky I was. Almost a year   and Brunner Close.
                                                                                      later, I knew that food banks   Week on week I have been
                                                                                      were now in even greater   delighted to see the increasing
                                                                                      demand. The idea of lending   level of people contributing and
                                                                                      my support seemed an obvious   I feel a real sense of satisfaction
                                                                                      and effective way to volunteer   that I am the catalyst in sparking   If you would like to support
                                                                                      locally and since the New Year,  people’s giving. An added bonus   this initiative, please contact me
                                                                                      attending  school  remotely  for  me  has  been  meeting  lots   on 07421 742929 or email me at
                 Covid Christmas at St Jude’s                                         made this even more practical.   more neighbours in the process of
                                                                                         Firstly, I contacted Finchley   co-ordinating  these  collections   I’d love to hear from you!
                                                                                      Food Bank (at St Mary’s Church)   which has been fun.          BENJAMIN STEINHART
          nlike  during  the  first  lock-  an additional service of Nine   regulations. We greatly missed
      Udown places of worship have   Lessons and Carols on Christmas   being able to host the annual
       been allowed to remain open. St   Eve instead with pre-booking   Residents Association New Year’s   Virtual Museum launches
      Jude's is a big and airy building,  system for seats. Our director of   Eve party.
      and with loose chairs rather   music, Nicholas Chalmers (fresh   St  Jude's  remains  open  (at   Friends of HGS Heritage
      than pews, we were able to hold   from  conducting  at the  BBC   the time of writing) every Sunday
      a modified version of our   Proms at the Albert Hall), led   at 10.30 for worship and for the
      Christmas  celebrations.  We  the choir in a rendition of   dropping off of donations to the   GS Heritage Virtual Museum   its visitor experience. Visitors to   to contribute to the Museum at
       decided not to hold Midnight   Christmas carols and anthems.  Childs Hill Food Bank (serving   Hhas had a busy few months   the Museum continue to contact
      Mass (usually our most attended   No  congregational  singing  is   the NW11 area).   behind the scenes, planning and   us not just from within the Suburb,  donate. Gifts can be monetary
       service of the year) but to hold   permitted under the COVID   THE REVEREND ALAN WALKER  implementing improvements to   but from across the world, asking   or take the form of donations of
                                                                                                                 queries and questions which we   actual memorabilia and artefacts
                 HGS U3A latest                                      A shout out for...                          are delighted to answer.   that residents may have in their
                                                                                                                    So we have decided to launch
                                                                                                                                            homes. These can be captured
                                                                                                                                            as  photographs  and  saved  in
                                                                                                                 a Friends of HGS Heritage scheme
                                                                                                                 to enable people to support the   perpetuity safely in our Museum,
        ive, learn and laugh – U3A’s   We have a full programme
      L   philosophy – is ensuring that   of speakers planned including                                          museum through a small annual   while ownership of the actual
      our U3A is really living the   authors recommended by the                                                  donation. Visitors to the Virtual   objects remains with the donors.
                                                                                                                 Museum can find details of how
      dream! Our Group Leaders and   Crime Writers Association, with                                           SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY                       JUDY SMITH
      members remain remarkably busy   whom we have forged a strong
      using Zoom, which is proving   relationship. Two of them are                                                  Combat Stress update
      an invaluable tool for keeping   giving  talks  on  their  recent
      us  all  in  contact  and  enjoying   publications in February and
      our Group activities in the   March. These bolster support for                                               hanks to your generosity, the   By August the sun should be
      comfort of our homes.      two of our popular groups, Crime                                               THGS Combat Stress Committee   shining, Covid-19 should be in
         One Group is Current Affairs   Club and Crime Book Club.                                                managed to sell a fantastic £495   retreat  and perhaps people  will
      2 led by our remarkable Group   To capture an upsurge in                                                   worth of Combat Stress Christmas   be able to enjoy safely mingling
      Leader Marion Godfrey. Prior to   creativity amongst our members –                                         Cards last December, with   in a beautiful garden. If so, we
      Covid 19, Marion used to host a   be it artwork, writing, general                                          donations of £42.50 bringing   can look forward to Caroline and
      maximum number of 14 members,  crafting or photography – we are                                            the final total to £537.50. We   David Broome’s garden opening
      which was a bit of a squeeze, but   developing a Gallery on our                                            are delighted to have raised so   in aid of Combat Stress at 2-6pm
      immensely popular; now Marion   website and encourage members                                              much for this Veterans’ mental   on 1 August. There will be tea and
      is  hosting  over  20  members.  to upload their work on our                                               health charity during these   cake, plants for sale and a raffle.
      What members do miss is the   dedicated Facebook page. This                                                difficult times.                       MARJORIE HARRIS
      wonderful pastries that Marion   also forms part of a social
      provided, but they certainly do   history project.
      not miss their regular discussions.  For the foreseeable future our
         Zoom has enabled us to secure   timetable will continue online.
      speakers for our monthly Topical   Despite all the challenges of the
      Talks. In January we were delighted   last year, our U3A continues to
      to host two excellent speakers;   develop  and  grow  and  always
      the first, Dr Anne Anderson on   welcomes new members and   ...Joe Sochor-Grethe and all the TFHC volunteers 18-year-old Suburb resident
      Art Nouveau Architecture and   ideas. We trust that our   Joe Sochor-Grethe, is one of the many fantastic volunteers stationed at Temple
      the second, Professor Sir David   programme has ensured that   Fortune Health Centre’s surgery helping with the Covid-19 vaccination programme.
                                                            This photo was taken half way through a six hour shift on a particularly cold
      Omand on his recent publication   our members feel connected,   January day yet Joseph was still smiling (behind his mask!) and doing a brilliant job
      entitled ‘How Spies Think’. Our   occupied, and inspired.  welcoming, directing and answering queries. Well done Joseph – and all the other
      Climate Emergency group also   To  find  out  more  about  us   volunteers. You know who you are!
      hosted a successful session with   you can visit our website at
      Roger Harrabin, who is the BBC
      Environment correspondent.             DAPHNE BERKOVI

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