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The weathervane – a unique opportunity                                                           Garden Suburb Theatre

                                                                                                                         as active as ever!
         ack in November 2015, the                                                    be able to recover the VAT under
      B weathervane that sat at the                                                   the listed places of worship scheme.
      top of the spire of St Jude’s blew                                              That scheme is due to end in   hey may not yet be back on   than  their  usual  membership
      out during Storm Barney. It came                    PHOTOS: DAVID WHITE         March and there is no guarantee   Ta real stage right now, but   fee, joining in only if the muse
      apart as it fell and fortunately,                                               it will be extended. The works   members of the Garden Suburb   takes them.
      nobody was underneath the                                                       also include repairing some stress   Theatre group are busy as ever   Sunday evenings are more
      shaft when it hit the ground                                                    cracks inside the bell tower and   with online twice-weekly shows.  comprehensive, even rehearsed,
      and dented the carpark. The shaft                                               fitting high level eye bolts for   They are looking forward to   and have offered a selection of
      was made of 1½ inch mild steel                                                  future maintenance access.  planning post-lockdown shows   famous and classic plays, and on
      and was very heavy though not                                                      Why, you may ask, is St Jude’s   live on stage again too.  occasion ‘snippets’ from a number
      as heavy as the finial ball on                                                  not putting in more money?    Hopes are high that two   of usually more modern works.
      which it sat, that had to be                                                    Once the repointing work is   summer shows at the Suburb’s   January has seen performances
      lowered  from the top  of the                                                   completed, St Jude’s restoration   own Little Wood open-air stage   for and by GST members’ of
      spire some  2 years  later. You                                                 reserves will fall to £24,000. That’s   will  soon  prove  possible.  The   Breaking the Code, Charley’s Aunt,
      may recall the photos that were                                                 because there is still a huge   Wood (as fans of GST know it)   The Real Inspector Hound, and an
      taken at the time and you may                                                   restoration bill to be met. Our   has the advantage of being able   entertaining musical Tom Lehrer
      have watched the action.                                                        overall  budget  is £2.75m  and   to offer social distancing, if still   evening, featuring that satirical
         St Jude’s is a Grade 1 listed                                                the next project involves lifting   called for, in the summer.   songwriter’s hilarious lyrics.
      building and, as such, has had                                                  and relaying the whole floor,   Meanwhile, GST is producing   Membership of GST is open
      no option but to reinstate the                                                  replacing  the  central  heating   online  members’  events  each   to all, from only £35 a year with
      weathervane. Historic England                                                   pipes – St Jude’s has just spent   Wednesday and Sunday evening,  usual concessions. Good value
      have driven the process and there                                               £9,400 repairing one small section   using Zoom. Wednesday Evening   for good entertainment, in these
      have been extensive negotiations                                                – and reordering the services   Fun ranges from play readings   restricted times!
      with them over what should go                                                   under the floor. That will cost   to quizzes to sessions where   For details please visit: www.
      back up. Initially, they wanted                                                 in the region of £502,000. St   members provide their chosen  or
      the original finial ball reinstated                                             Jude’s is over 100 years old and   entertainment to a given theme.  email: membership@gardensuburb
      but, on the recommendation of                                                   in need of constant maintenance   Meanwhile, all other members
      the architects advising St Jude’s,                                              and there have been some large   can watch, at no charge other      GERRY ZIERLER
      they accepted that this was not                                                 bills in recent years including a
      a practical solution. It weighed                                                new boiler at £50,000.
      53kg. Fortunately, the insurers                                                    St Jude’s needs your help to
      have accepted that they are                                                     fund this work which, if completed,
      liable for the reinstatement of                                                 will stabilise the tower for the
      the weathervane and the whole                                                   benefit of the Suburb and its
      cost bar the excess is being borne   and  asking  residents  to  move   part of those same negotiations.  future generations. Here is a link
      by them.                   their cars.                The works are expected to cost   to  St  Jude’s campaign  page  if
         There have also been extensive   The insurers have now agreed   around £86,400 leaving a funding   you would like to help St Jude’s:
      negotiations with the insurers   to erecting a scaffold from the   requirement of £41,000. That sum
      about access to the top of the   carpark to the very top of the   assumes that St Jude’s will not   DAVID WHITE
      spire to install the new weather-  spire. St Jude’s expects the work
      vane and repair the damaged lead   will start in early March and last
      flashing.  Initially the insurers   three months. This access does   Bowling Club new
      wanted a cherry picker to be   give St Jude’s a unique and a once                                          Much Ado About Nothing
      used but with a required reach   in  a  lifetime  opportunity  to   season start
      of at least 60 metres, that makes   address the repointing needed
      for a huge cherry picker and the   on the tower below the spire.
      structural engineers advising St   Some work was done at a cost of   ishopswood Bowling Club,  pair of flat soled shoes/trainers
      Jude’s  doubted  the  car  park   £27,000 three years ago but much   Bone of the oldest established  – the rest is provided on site.
      surface could take the load. In   more work is needed as these   lawn bowling clubs in Northwest   You will find us within the
      addition, such machines can   recent photos show.     London is opening its doors   Lyttelton Playing Fields nearest
      only be operated in light winds   St Jude’s has applied for a   again on Sunday 18th April  at   Norrice Lea adjacent to the tennis
      and at 178 feet off the ground,  grant of £46,665 from Historic   10am. The president Michael   courts. Bowling takes place every
      you cannot take any risks. St   England towards the cost of the   Spiro is looking to recruit new   day – in the mornings, afternoons
      Jude’s also doubted whether the   works and this sum was agreed   members, men and women, girls   and evenings as well.
      relevant vehicle could access   in pre-application negotiations.   and boys of all ages. No one is   Please call us on 8058 2212
      Central  Square safely without   St Jude’s is putting in £11,666   too young or too old. Coaching   or you can visit our website at
      closing multiple Suburb roads   from the restoration reserves as   is free and all that you need is a

          The Trust was established by residents in 1968 to “do all things   Residents  are  required  to  obtain  the  consent  of  the Trust  Around  500  properties  have  been  Listed  and  many  more  have
          possible in order to maintain and preserve the present character  before  altering  the  external  appearance  of  their  properties;  been locally listed.
          and amenities of…. Hampstead Garden Suburb”. The Trust acts as  leaseholders will also need consent for internal works. In addition,   The  Trust  is  a  registered  charity.  There  are  eight  unpaid
          the  estate  management  company  for  the  Suburb,  regulates  consent is required for significant changes to gardens, conversion  Trustees, four elected and four appointed by professional bodies.
          development  and  maintains  the  Suburb’s  common  facilities,  of garages, and erection of garden sheds, felling or pruning of trees  Membership is open to residents who have lived on the Suburb for
          including tennis courts, allotments and communal open spaces.   or removal of any hedge.             three years or more. Associate Membership is available for new
             Public  roads,  pavements  and  streetlighting  are  the   The Architectural Advisers will be pleased to advise you on any  residents.  The  Trust  maintains  a  list  of  builders  and  specialist
          responsibility  of  London  Borough  of  Barnet,  together  with  the  alterations you may wish to undertake and the Trust employs an  contractors recommended by residents and welcomes additions
          larger public spaces.                              arboricultural consultant, Tony George, to help residents with trees,  to the list.
             Freeholders  are  subject  to  the  Scheme  of  Management  hedges, and gardens. For a free site visit, call to make an appointment.  The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust Design Guidance, which
          passed  by  the  High  Court  in  1974,  while  in  the  case  of  most   Consent from the London Borough of Barnet is also necessary  advises residents on any changes to their property, can be found on
          leaseholders the Trust is the ground landlord.     for  external  alterations  and  for  any  works  to  Listed  Buildings.  our website. A paper copy is also available from the Trust on request.

                                                                         Chief Executive:             THE TRUST COUNCIL             Appointed Members:
                                                                         Simon Henderson              Honorary President:           Victorian Society
                                                                         Architectural Advisers:      Dr. Mervyn Miller             Tye Blackshaw
                                                                         David Davidson, Tara Murphy,    Elected Members:           E
                                                                         James Phillips and Michael Tutton  Raymond Taylor (Chair)  Royal Town Planning Institute
                                                                         Estate Managers:             E  Alison Blom-Cooper
                                                                         Jane Horder and Lauren Marsh  Maralyn Roberts              Royal Institute Of British Architects
                                                                         Information and                                            Elspeth Clements
                                                                         Communications Assistant:    Richard Townley               E
                                                                         Paul Capewell                                              Law Society
                                                                         E          Trevor Price
                                                                                                      E    Jonathan Ross
                                                                         The Trust office is closed during lockdown, but you can still contact us by email or phone as below. Our normal working
                                                                         hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please refer to the website for details of Trust Committees.

                    862 Finchley Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6AB   8455 1066/8458 8085   twitter: @HGSTrust

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