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Chamber Music concert

                                                                                                         at Fellowship House

                                                                                          n a cold miserable Sunday                           Her repertoire is varied, and
                                                                                     ANDREW BOTTERILL
                                                                                      Oafternoon, before the third                          she is a founding member of
                                                                                      Lockdown was imposed, I walked                        Tangissimo, an ensemble which
                                                                                      up to Fellowship House, to enjoy                      is dedicated to celebrating
                                                                                      the luxury of a live Chamber                          Piazzola’s tango music.  She
                                                                                      Music Concert. It was organised                       aims to introduce people to all
                                                                                      by Anete Graudina, a brilliant                        kinds of music.
                                                                                      violinist, who some of you                              Anete hopes her next concert
                                                                                      know from her classes at                              will take place at Fellowship
                                                                                      Fellowship  House.  Anete  was                        House on Sunday 21 March
                                                                                      born in Latvia and studied the                        2021 at 2 pm. She told me, with
                                                                                      violin in Riga and Moscow. She                        delight, that she had also just
                                                                                      has performed widely as a recitalist                  been booked to play in Leipzig
                                                                                      and soloist in venues such as St                      in Mendelsohn’s house, in March
                                                                                      James’s Church, Piccadilly, the                       2022 – she felt it was a blessing
                                                                                      Edinburgh Festival and Burgh                          to play in the very same room
                                                                                      House in Hampstead, as well as                        where Mendelsohn had played.
                                                                                      internationally. Anete had invited                    There is also a chance that she
                                                                                      some of her students, friends                         will be able to  play the
                                                                                      and professional artists to play   said, ‘it is simply a blessing for a   wonderfully named ‘Music for
                                            Echo Con Brio                             and they had only one rehearsal   musician to play live music, it is   our Soul’ at the Latvian Embassy
                                                                                      together before the performance.  the most beautiful thing in the   in London. The Embassy’s piano
                                                                                      She told me she likes to ask some   world’. She owns a magnificent   was rented and when she
                                   ebruary. Hard lockdown but   and Suburb Councillor John   of her students to join her; a   Guarneri Violin  which  she   discovered they could not afford
                                 FFellowship House once again   Marshall, confirmation was   cunning plan to encourage them   cherishes. The story of how she   it any more, she went out and
                                 lit and warm. Young players bent   obtained to allow Suburb resident
                                 over their instruments. The sound   Noah Max’s Echo Ensemble to be   to practice more and play better.  came to own this started when,  bought another one! Having a
                                                                                                                 quite by chance, a schoolfriend
                                                                                         From the moment the notes
                                                                                                                                            new piano she felt there must
                                 of chamber music floating across   welcomed into Fellowship House   of the Bach Violin Concerto   wrote a book about Latvian   be concerts, so she collaborated
                                 the beech hedge. Light at the   for a series of rehearsals. It’s been   sounded, you could hear a pin   violinists, and asked Anete for   with a teacher from Riga where
                                 end of the tunnel and surely a   wonderful to be able to reopen
                                 move towards broad sunlit   the building to help out hard up   drop. This was followed by   some help, both writing and   she studied, to arrange for her
                                                                                      music composed by Telemann,  financial. Anete happily agreed
                                                                                                                                            students to come to London
                                 uplands. Buried deep within   musicians and they have kindly   Schubert and Pachelbel. I was   but was very offended that not   and for Anete’s students to join
                                 the Government’s Covid rules   offered to reciprocate by providing   lucky enough to get a seat inside,  even one line about her appeared   them there. These concerts take
                                 is the possibility for professional   a free concert for Suburb residents
                                 musicians to rehearse for a concert   at Fellowship House sometime   but Anete had thoughtfully   in the book. It was then she   place (or did take place) three
                                                                                      provided cushions and rugs on
                                                                                                                                            times a year at the Embassy. I
                                                                                                                 decided to make a CD, to prove
                                 in a Covid secure way. Thanks to   during the next year. We can’t wait!  all the outdoor seating in the   she existed, but she needed a   look forward to being invited
      Noah Max                   Barnet’s Public Health Department    ANDREW BOTTERILL
                                                                                      courtyard. When it grew darker   better violin so she began to   once Lockdown is behind us.
                                                                                      tea lights twinkled around the   search and in  2016 found her   Anete is a very special person,
                                                                                      edges. It was so beautiful.   violin  –  made  by  Guarneri.  and those of our readers who
                                                                                         When I asked her how she   Anete told me that when she   join her classes in Fellowship
                                                                                      felt playing to a live audience   played it, she felt that she could   House are indeed fortunate.
                                                                                      again her face lit up and she   not live without it.               SIMONE HALFIN  MALCOLM BRAHAMS

                                                                                                                Bigwood Fox
          The NHS: Britain’s National Health                                            He sensed my hesitation, untangled    On till gloom became darkness. We stopped.
                          Service, 1948-2020                                            my thoughts, disappeared before the sound   He faced me. His drowned eyes stared
                                                                                                                              as he nosed the air; his coat was frost,
                                                                                        of heartbeat crossed the clearing.
                                                                                        Why do foxes think they’re God’s gift?  his mouth spit and steam.
         usan Cohen’s illustrated history   was entirely dependent on the   led to the introduction of the   I followed, felt the ground give, squelch  I crouched to within a sniff of his face,
      S of the NHS begins with a   ability to pay and goes on to   National Health Service on 5 July   of boots in mud and moss, heard the crack  dared to ask, “Do you believe…
      depiction of how things were   trace the medical advances and   1948. She explains the enormous   of twigs as I plodded after him. He scampered  and who will remember you when you die?”
      when access to medical services   the social reforms which eventually   undertaking that brought together   away, called me on, barked my name.  “It’s not about belief”, he said.
                                                            all the various medical services   The rain came so cold it scorched   I reached and touched his head, felt slicked down
                                                            to ensure free diagnosis and   my cheeks and still the fox howled onwards,  crisp fur, saw that fox as I would never
                                                            treatment for all.          turned his head towards me as he fox-trotted  again. Then he licked me, turned, bounded off,
                                                               She then analyses the various   through the fist of the forest.  faded into the thick morning mist.  Peter Phillips
                                                            challenges the NHS faced in its
                                                            seven decades. The need to change
                                                            management and organisations,  went on to say “it was a mile-  Hall and Randall Plumbers
                                                            often in controversial political   stone in history – the most civilised
                                                            circumstances, and the introduction   step any country had taken.”
                                                            of new medical developments   The epidemic that we are all   Plumbing and Heating Services • Property Maintenance
                                                            such as transplants and IVF have   dealing with has demonstrated
                                                            all been needed to transform the   what a valuable institution the
                                                            way medical services are delivered   NHS is and how lucky we are to
                                                            and administrated. The book   be able to access it.
                                                            includes personal recollections   MARIE-CHRISTINE O’CALLAGHAN
                                                            from healthcare professionals, as
               We are your local                            well as patients. Sylvia Diggery,  The NHS: Britain’s National Health
                                                            the first NHS patient recalls
                                                                                      Service, 1948-2020, Susan Cohen,
                                                            how she was asked by Aneurin   Shire Publications, 2020,64p, ISBN
                   Funeral Director                         Bevan (the minister of health   978-1-78442-482-4.
                                                            responsible for establishing the   Susan Cohen is a local Suburb
                    in Hampstead Garden Suburb              NHS) “if she was aware of the   resident, a social historian and   Central Heating, Plumbing Repairs & Advisory Service
                                                            significance of the occasion”, he   author by profession.
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                                                            Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health, on the first day of the National Health Service, 5
                                                            July 1948 at Park Hospital, Davyhulme, near Manchester (University of Liverpool   11495
                                                            Faculty of Health & Life Sciences)
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