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Issue 147 · 2021
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                        Elizabeth Taylor                  The Proms at                       Kay tells her             Can you see the
                        – the Suburb                      St Jude’s; back, live              remarkable                light? Try our
                        connection,                       and mesmerising,                   story of survival         Suburb quiz,
                        see page 21                       see pages 14-15                    on page 3                 page 19

     The Suburb is flooded – with music and rain

         ince the last Suburb News
         went to print back in June of
     Sthis year, the Suburb has
     experienced dramatic highs and
     lows. Biblical rain and heavenly
     music flooded the Suburb in July.
     Both stories, noteworthy in their
     own right, are featured in this issue.
        The Great Suburb Flood was
     no doubt the kind of rainfall Noah
     and his family (and all the animals)
     might have experienced in the
     eponymous Old Testament story.
     The deafening sound as the rain
     relentlessly assaulted the Suburb
     was difficult to describe unless
     you had actually experienced it.
     The photos on p.2 show parts of
     the Suburb as totally unrecognisable
     and demonstrate just how
     destructive and devastating the
     impact was, with some households                          Photo: Michael Eleftheriades                              Photo: Tony Brand
     having to evacuate for several
     weeks while the water was drained  wonderful music being played in  In this issue, we also welcome
     and the damage repaired. Videos  St. Jude’s throughout the Proms,  PC Amric Singh, who has taken
     being shared on various Suburb  wafted up and lifted residents to  over from PC Sandy Clifford, p.6  St Jude’s new
     community WhatsApp group chats  new highs. Despite Covid regulations  and HGS resident Kay Graham
     showed torrents of water charging  still being in force at the time, the  tells her remarkable story of how
     in through doors and windows,  Proms gave the residents a taste  her life was saved by a local  weathervane
     reminiscent of a scene from a  of freedom to come. Audiences  online drama group, p.3. There’s
     dystopian novel.           and performers alike experienced  never a dull moment in our little
        On the flipside, the Proms gave  heightened levels of appreciation  enclave! We hope you enjoy this  REVEREND ALAN WALKER  denounced him three times. The
     hope and enchanted residents  and enjoyment in both listening and  issue, packed with news from          fish was an early Christian symbol:
     across the Suburb. The most  performing in person after so long.  around the Suburb – your Suburb.  he new weathervane was  the Greek word – ichthus – could
                                                                                        installed at St Jude’s Church  be read as an acronym for ‘Jesus
                                                                                    Ton Thursday 9 July, where  Christ Son of God Saviour’.
                                                                                    a small crowd of parishioners,  ‘Weather cocks’ have topped
          THE PROPERTY MARKET IS HOT…                                               local residents, and passers-by  church steeples for centuries. The
                                                                                    gathered in the church car park for  Bayeux Tapestry includes a scene
            This is evidence from 10 recent, extraordinary sales of homes           a short service of blessing and  of a craftsman attaching one to
                                                                                    rededication (pictures, back page).  the spire of Westminster Abbey.
           in the Suburb, which we have arranged for our clients. We rather            The previous weathervane  The event concluded with the
                                                                                    ‘took flight’ during ‘Storm Barney’  tradition that a small child (in this
                hope, that they have also enjoyed the journey with us.
                                                                                    late in 2015. Its whereabouts were  case my three year old grandson
                                                                                    a mystery until the broken parts  Raphael Saiman) jumps over a
            If you want to sell or rent, there has been no better time than
                                                                                    were discovered on different parts  new weathervane to enable him, it
            now and since we deal with ‘cottages to castles’, we can attract,       of the church roof by a drone.  is hoped for decades to come, to
                                                                                       The service included words  claim he has leapt over the highest
           not just the aspirational buyer moving up the ladder, but also the       from the Epistle of Jude, one of  part of the church.
                            ‘empty nesters’, moving down.                           the shortest books in the New
                                                                                    Testament: a weathervane shows
          Our catchment area for buyers/tenants, is both local, pan London          the direction of the wind, and we
                                                                                    look to it for safety, guidance and
            and with our global reach, we can certainly reward you the full         direction, in order (as St Jude
                                                                                    warns) that we are not “carried by
                      value of your home, upon a sale or rental.
                                                                                    the winds [like] the wild waves of
                                                                                    the sea”, and a reading from the
                          We are at your service, at all times.
                                                                                    Gospel of St Mark in which Jesus
                                                                                    stills a storm.
                          CELEBRATING                                                  The new weathervane is an
                                               glentree                             exact replica of its predecessor –
                                                  INTERNATIONAL                     a cock and a fish – which has
                          YEARS TRADING                                             been reconstructed and will be
                                                                                    displayed in the church.
                                                                                       The cock is the ‘proclaimer
                      07831 339699                        of the day’, but also a reminder of
                                                                                    Jesus’ prophecy that the cock
                                                                                    would not crow until Peter had  Photo: Michael Eleftheriades
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