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      ANDREW BOTTERILL             The one basic Covid protocol
                                we must insist on is that anyone  Fellowship
           opefully by time you read  coming into the building must
           this, Fellowship will again  have been double jabbed.
      Hbe firing on all cylinders.  Some people need transport  firing on all
      Apart from all the usual classes  to and from the Tuesday talks and
      and activities, on the ‘cultural’  more volunteer drivers are sought
      side please note the following:  for this. Please call Lorna Jones on
         Between now and the end of  07891 112365 if you can spare a  cylinders
      the year, a full programme of  little time once or twice a month.
      Tuesday afternoon talks has been  The Audio Visual system
      arranged, three new exhibitions  has been upgraded with better
      will run back to back in the art  connectivity and a new projector.
      gallery and the Autumn Sunday  The loft space has been boarded
      Afternoon Chamber Concert Series  over to ease storage problems and
      is back for the eleventh year  also to allow the Garden Suburb
      running from 24 October until 28  Theatre to move all its costumes
      November. Further details at  from various damp garages into  Gemma Rosefield, a star in Fellowship’s  one location.             Autumn Series (Photo: Marco Borggreve)
                                        FORTHCOMING EVENTS AT FELLOWSHIP HOUSE
        ART GALLERY              November 7                September 14              October 19               November 23
        September 6 - October 6  A Musical Afternoon with Harriet  ‘How do we record History in our  Marianne North: ‘Victorian Botanist’  ‘Eric Coates, his son Austin and the
        Elements of Domestic Design from  Burns and Christopher Glynn  age of Fake News and Post Truth?’  Tamara Rabin  Hong Kong Connection’
        HGS Trust Archives       November 14               Alistair Niven            October 26               June Armstrong Wright
        October - November       A Musical Afternoon with the  September 21          ‘A Life’s Journey : From Tarnow to  November 30
        Paintings by the late John Mathias  Solem Quartet  ‘Wincenty Bakiewicz (1897-1974) :  London – surviving the War Years in  ‘Working in the TUC’ Helen Leiser
        December                 November 21               Between Nazi Germany and Soviet  Eastern Europe’ Janek Geller  December 7
        Photographs from the travels of  A Musical Afternoon with Dominic  Russia – A Soldier’s Life at a time of  November 2  ‘Anecdotes by an Angel Investor’
        Ivan Berg                Degavino                  war’ Jeremy Berkoff       ‘Rats, Raspberries & Surgeons’  Dr Richard Hargreaves
                                 November 28               September 28              Dr David Shanson         December 14
        CHAMBER CONCERT SERIES   A Musical Afternoon with Kyle  ‘Oranges and Lemons’ Lester  November 9       ‘Do As You Are Told : Drafting
        All concerts start at 3pm and last about  Horch and Yshani Perinpanayagam  Hillman revisits the nursery rhyme  ‘The Cambridge Orator’ Professor  Legislation’ Roger Rose
        an hour. Entry £12, 10% discount if                exploring all things bells in the City  James Diggle was Professor of  December 21
        you book a minimum of four concerts  TUESDAY AFTERNOON TALKS  October 5      Greek and Latin at Cambridge  A Musical Afternoon with Francoise
        October 24               3.30pm. All residents welcome. Entry  ‘Doctors do Dynorod: of Blood  University 1995-2011  Geller and Gordon Griffin
        A Musical Afternoon with Simon  (incl. tea and biscuits) £3, members £1  Vessels, Blockages and Leaks’  November 16
        Rowland-Jones, Gemma Rosefield  September 7        Dr Aubrey Waddy           ‘Sharpshooters II’ The second part
        and Tim Horton           ‘Sculpture Gardens of England’  October 12          of Andrew Glendinning’s father’s
        October 31               Michael Berg              ‘Women’s Wartime Leadership’  experiences from D-Day to the end  If you would like further details on any
                                                                                                              of our events or activities please visit:
        A Musical Afternoon with Michael                   Dr Kathleen Sherritt (ex RAF)  of the War          www.fellowship
        Foyle and Maksim Stsura
                                                           Who loves Tai Chi?

                                                           Come and join us and find out

                                                           JUDY SMITH                   Tai Chi is an ancient 13th  Everyone who begins to learn
                                                                                     Century Chinese martial art  Tai Chi agrees that it does have
                                                              here has been much written  practised for defence, health  many health benefits such as
                                                              in our weekend supplements  benefits and meditation. It is  improved sleep, feeling more
                                                          Tin the past year or so about  based around four pillars or types  relaxed, better co-ordination and
                                                           how to ensure the best possible  of practice – Qigong, Form,  a general sense of well-being.
                                                           all-round health as we all get older.  Pushing Hands and Application.  Even my husband, who is a runner,
                                                           Remarkably, almost every article  Each Pillar develops the  really enjoys it!
                                                           talks about the enormous benefits  ability to co-ordinate the body,  Why don’t you come and join
               We are your local                           of learning and practising Tai Chi.  releasing tension, improving  the Tai Chi class which takes
                                                                                                               place on a Tuesday morning from
                                                                                     balance and increasing energy.
                                                           What’s more there’s a friendly Tai
                                                           Chi class on your doorstep.  And better still – there are Tai  10.30-12.00 in The Free Church
                  Funeral Director                           Anyone who has visited China  Chi Classes in the Suburb teaching  Hall in Northway.
                                                           will have seen literally hundreds of  Qigong and Form. Qigong are  If you would like further
                   in Hampstead Garden Suburb              people performing their Tai Chi  static exercises to release internal  information on any aspect of Tai
                                                           moves in the open air – all perfectly  energy and the Form is a flowing  Chi, please contact our instructor
                  624 Finchley Road, NW11 7RR              co-ordinated and many of them  sequence of movements helping  Jon Attrill at
                                                           well into their 70s and 80s.  to develop physical co-ordination.  or ring 07932 439498.
          020 8455 4992 |


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             Gospel Oak | Hampstead | Kentish Town | Muswell Hill

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