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S U B U R B           Virtual Museum

                                The Great Flood Collection

                                JUDY SMITH                   Ongoing updates to the
                                                           Museum website include improved
                                    he Suburb’s Virtual Museum,  access of video material and
                                    run by HGS Heritage, is the  Suburb News past editions posted
                                Tperfect place to record in  in the Museum. We are also
                                perpetuity those events that are  changing the way the Museum
                                so significant, that they deserve a  can be accessed. There will be a
                                special place in the Museum. The  new Home Page and you will be
                                weather events of Monday July 12,  able to search via either a Map or  Photo: Simone Halfin
                                when several inches of rain fell in a  a Timeline, in addition to all the
                                matter of two to three hours and  existing access paths. We will let  Celebrating
                                resulted in so much disruption and  you know in Suburb eNews when
                                flooding, was just such an occasion,  the new-look Museum is launched.
                                as you can see from this edition of  We are still taking contributions
                                Suburb News. And, of course, with  for our Covid Collection. The  Bach’s birthday
                                so many great images and videos  pandemic – which is still ongoing
                                posted onto the HGS List, it hasn’t  as we all know – is affecting so
                                been difficult to get some sense of  many aspects of all our lives. None  at Fellowship House
                                the effect of this amount of rain in  of us know when or if ‘normality’
                                such a short time. We have  will return, but the enormous
                                                                                     SIMONE HALFIN             very first concert – this youngster
                                launched a new Collection – The  changes that Covid has brought                looked so proud to be there.
                                Great Flood of 12 July 2021. We  to us all deserve to be recorded in  wonderful Concert was held  Although Catherine just completed
                                certainly hope that this extreme  the Museum that reflects the lives  at Fellowship House, in  her grade 8 exam with distinction,
                                weather event will not be repeated,  of HGS residents.  A celebration of Bach’s  she told Anete afterwards she was
                                but we are all aware of changing  HGS Heritage will also be  birthday. Originally scheduled for  so inspired she was going straight
                                weather patterns and global  launching a Collection dedicated  March, his actual birthday, Covid  home to practise even more.
                                warming. This Collection is still  to the iconic spire of St Jude on  prevented it, but fortunately it  Another member, Gudrun Edwards,
                                open for more photos, videos and  the Hill and the Time Capsules –
      Panoramic shot of flooded                                                      was able to go ahead in June.  was leader of an orchestra in Kew
      Hampstead Way garden      accounts of the devastation caused  both old and new – that were  Organised with her usual skill by  and had travelled over to be part
      (Photo: Adam Lauffer)     by this extreme weather event.  secreted in the weather vanes.
                                                                                     Anete Graudina, the talented  of the team. There was an air of
                                                                                     internationally acclaimed violinist,  jubilation and excitement to be
                                                                                     it featured five of her students,  playing once again to a live
                                                                                     ranging from ages 14 to 18, as  audience. Those sitting outside
                                                                                     well as old friends she has played  under an awning were kept snug
                                                                                     with before. Pianist Masayuki  with Anete’s thoughtfully supplied
                                                                                     Tayama, played a stunning Piano  rugs. The concert ended with
                                                                                     Concerto and the smiles on 14  Benjamin Britten’s Sentimental
                                                                                     year old Catherine Benbow’s face  Sarabande. A fitting finale. The next
                                                                                     told it all as she performed her  concert is planned for October 2021.

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