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Garden Suburb Community Library is reopening!
      At long last we have been given permission to
      reopen the library and we will open our doors to all
      our loyal readers on Tuesday 7 September at 10am.
      We will continue to run our click and collect scheme
      for those readers who are still shielding. Full details
      will be announced in due course in our newsletter,
      social media and at

                                                                                   The cast of The Count of Monte Cristo in Little Wood (Photo: Owain Rose)
                                                        Garden Suburb Theatre update

                                                         COLIN GREGORY             Highgate. This was followed by an  the Gatehouse, 25-28 November.
                                                                                   energetic and imaginative  Auditions will be on 13 September,
                                                          ike all arts organisations the  production in Little Wood of ‘The  details on the GST website and
                                                           Garden Suburb Theatre has had  Count of Monte Cristo’ adapted  Facebook. Next year the group is
                                                         L a year like no other. Having  and directed by Owain Rose, co-  hoping to stage a family Pantomime
                                                         substituted two one act plays with  directed by Mary Musker. A  in February, Noel Coward’s ‘The
                                                         a cast of two for a full length play  second production in the Wood,  Vortex’ in April and another family
                                                         with a cast of ten, the new  of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’,  show next summer in the Wood.
                                                         production had to be cancelled  directed by Teresa Poland followed  There’s plenty of opportunity
                                                         twice because of lockdown. After  at the end of August.  to audition, including for junior
                                                         nearly a year of Covid safe rehearsals  Looking forward, GST’s next  members, and to get involved
                                                         indoors and out, Brian Friel’s ‘The  show will be ‘A Matter Of Life and  front, back and off stage. The
                                                         Yalta Game’ and ‘Afterplay’, both  Death’ adapted by Tom Morris and  group is also planning a full
                                                         based on works by Anton Chekhov,  Emma Rice from the 1946 Powell  programme of social events for
                                                         were successfully performed at  and Pressburger film of the same  members, most of which take place
                                                         Upstairs at the Gatehouse in  name. This will run at Upstairs at  in the Free Church Hall.
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                                                            PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION

                                          Photos: Marc Hull

    Remembering the Tea                                           Bring

    House Kindergarten                                                               me Sunshine

      read with interest Margaret Harris’s article on the Tea House (Issue
      126); however, no mention was made of the Henrietta Barnett Junior
    ISchool’s Kindergarten that made its home there in the early 1960s.
    I wonder how many residents remember Mrs. Burchell and Hettywog?
       At the top of Northway, away from the main Junior School building,
    the Tea House was a world of its own, ideally suited to small children.
    The cloakroom was on the left of the main room and, on arrival,
    children would hang up their coats and change into their indoor shoes.
    Each had a shoebag with their name sewn on. I still have mine: I cannot
    believe my feet were ever that small!
       The main room doubled as classroom and play area in wet weather.
    Each morning we would be greeted by a big, beautiful rabbit that had
    been drawn on the blackboard in coloured chalks by Mrs. Burchell. Her
    name was Hettywog and in one of her paws she held a big bunch of
    coloured balloons. Sometimes the balloons had words in; sometimes
    they were just coloured which meant that we were going to get a story.
       The school day ran from 9am to 12.30pm. We sat at low blue tables
    to work and paint with half an hour’s break at 10.30am. For break we
    were given a quarter pint of milk and were allowed to choose a Smartie
    from a big glass jar. If we had been good, we were allowed to choose a  Competition
    red one. After that we ran out into the front garden and usually made a  closing soon!
    dash for the drainpipe by the hedge to see if we could find Squid.  Make sure you
       Who was Squid? I hear you say. Well, Squid was Hettywog’s
                                                               submit your
    mysterious friend who lived down the drainpipe. Hettywog and Squid
    had lots of adventures and we would be told all about them at the end  Sunshine shot
    of the morning before going home time. We were then sworn to secrecy  by 20 Sept!
    – adults were not allowed to know about Hettywog and Squid. Maybe
    that’s why there was no mention of them in the article. Oh dear...!
       It was a sad day when the kindergarten moved and even sadder
    when Henrietta Barnett Junior School was closed down. It was a
    delightful school and the Suburb has not been the same since.
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