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                                                                                                                           Photos: Emma Howard
                                Brent Park Nature Reserve and

                                Dollis Valley Green Walk

                                EMMA HOWARD                                          Brent flows through the park and is home to egrets and a variety of
                                                                                     ducks, grey wagtails and other interesting birds.
                                     ver the last two years, I’m sure we have all looked for new walks  The main feature of the park though is a large pond and two smaller
                                      on our doorstep in order to avoid the crowds and enjoy a bit of  ponds, remnants of a lake constructed as a duck decoy long before our
                                Ovariety. To my surprise, I found a lovely new walk from the Suburb  time. The wooded island on the large pond is home to swans, moorhens,
                                over to Brent Park which runs parallel to the North Circular Road. I had  ducks and other birds. There is often a heron fishing on the middle
                                often seen the tall trees of the park behind the flats on the road here  pond. The viewing platform on the large pond enables you to take a
                                but never guessed how nice the hidden treasure behind it is.  good look as part of the walk round the ponds. You can also access the
                                   The footpath along Mutton Brook takes you in an easterly direction  park from Brent Street and the North Circular Road. The weir and two
                                until the Mutton Brook joins the Dollis Brook which rises in Barnet and  fairy tale style towers near the Brent Street access are also rather fun.
                                flows through Finchley. There is a children’s playground just before the  This spring a pair of swans has been proudly raising their five
                                point where the streams merge to form the Brent River. If you turn left  cygnets which are now getting big, and mum is now sitting on more
                                here, you emerge on Bell Lane and you cross this to arrive at the park.  eggs. The moorhens have raised several babies in their second litter.
                                The small park is a Grade 2 nature reserve managed by Barnet. The  Do take a stroll there if you haven’t previously done so.
                                                          ISABELLE FICKER               There has been a lot of talk
                                                                                     recently on the HGS Chat Line about
                                 Hedges                       hank you to those who are  overgrown hedges. As a community,
                                                              helping keep pavements free
                                                                                     we can all help pedestrians by
                                                          Tfor pedestrians by pushing
                                                          bins to one side after collection. It  keeping our hedges properly cut
                                                                                     back. To take a couple of Suburb
                                                          makes such a difference, particularly  leases at random, they state: “The
                                 Keeping our              to the elderly, disabled and parents  front fence shall be of York stone
                                                                                     kerb nine inches high above the
                                                          with young children and prams.
                                                                                     path with close clipped green
                                 pavements                                           privet behind.” This suggests two
                                                                                     things: (1) that keeping hedges  Wildwood Road Holly
                                 free for                                            properly trimmed is the
                                                                                     householder’s responsibility; and
                                 pedestrians                                         (2) that the hedges should not
                                                                                     extend beyond the York stone
                                                                                     kerb. This leaves a good two
                                                                                     paving stones’ width available to
                                                                                     pedestrians, in addition to the grass,
                                 Photos: Isabelle Ficker                             tarmac or brick verge. Maybe that
                                                                                     should be the guiding principle.
                                                                                        Hedges invariably grow taller
                                                                                     and wider over time, even if one
                                                                                     keeps them closely clipped, so
                                                                                     cutting them back from time to
                                                                                     time (top/outside/inside) over a
                                                                                     three year cycle, before birds start
                                                                                     nesting, helps to keep them in  Hedge being rejuvenated in
                                                           Willifield Way privet                                Hampstead Way
                                                                                     check and also rejuvenates them.
                                                                                                               The West

                                                                                                               End Café

                                                                                                               SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY

                                                                                                                   everend Ian Tutton’s delightful
                                                                                                                   West End café has been
                                                                                                               R open since May this year
                                                                                                               on a Saturday morning between
                                                                                                               10-12, serving teas coffees and
                                                                                                               biscuits for a modest contribution.
                                                                                                               Located on the West lawn of Central
                                                                                                               Square it’s a lovely stop off after a
                                                                                                               dog walk or a stroll and a great
                                                                                         Photo: Shelley-Anne Salisbury
                                                                                                               meeting place for HGS residents.
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