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LETTER TO THE        Northway

     Northway Gardens         Gardens
        Over the last two years a
     miraculous transformation has
     taken place in Northway   BRIAN INGRAM
     Gardens. In place of a dull public
     place there is a riot of colour and  he Rose Gardens seems to
     scents throughout the summer  be having their best year yet.
     followed by subtle changes in  TIt is not just roses and
     colour in the autumn.     flowers, it is also becoming known
        During lockdown this was a
     source of joy and solace to all  as a place for peace and quiet,
     limited to a daily walk as their  contemplation and relaxation – as
     only outing.              well as picnics and even marriage
        Hopefully it will continue to  proposals! The gardens offer year-
     flourish as life gradually returns  round colour.
     to normal.                  “It is so pleasing when we get
        We all owe a very big thank  compliments from visitors, some
 Photos: Emma Howard
     you to the Sponsors who provided  who have come a distance and  Photo: Shelley-Anne Salisbury
     the funds and the Volunteers who  heard of our award winning work,”
     worked so tirelessly to bring the  says volunteer Thomas Palmer.  Flowers, Ellis & Co Estate Agents,  more benches and a rubbish bin.  transfer to Northway Gardens
     gardens back to life.       Northway Gardens Organisation  Gavzey Opticians, HGS Residents  Any donations will be appreciated.  Organisation, 51-50-11, 66631904
     Eleanor Miller            relies on donations from local  Association, HGS Trust, LCS  You can either pay online at  or send a cheque, made payable
     31 Hill Top               organisations, businesses and  Security and Streathers Solicitors.  to Northway Garden Organisation,
                               residents including Amber Day  NGO is currently fundraising for two  northwaygardensorganis, by bank  to 69 Brookland Rise, NW11 6DT.
                                                                                       Where on the Suburb

                                                                                     How much of a Suburb aficionado are you? Can you identify the
                                                                                         location of these eight landmarks? (Answers back page.)

                                                                                     A                         E

      GoodGym Barnet volunteers coming up roses (Photo: Paul Salman)
    Kidasha                    walking and often reducing my
                               path to a slippery, muddy patch,
                               so I didn’t quite reach my monthly
    Trek                       target. Notable landmarks passed
                               include Paris and Fontainebleau.
                                 Kidasha is not my only charity.
    Update                     This month, I took 2 days out from                    C
                               my Kidasha trek to do a sponsored
                               walk for Immunodeficiency UK
                               (, the                                                   G
    MYKE JACOBS                charity that supports patients like
                               me with primary immune
        he situation in Nepal remains  deficiencies and our families.
        critical, particularly during  These very rare conditions (often
    Tthe monsoon season. I am  called ‘Zebras’) can be very          Photo: Ruth Jacobs
    still walking from London to Rome  frightening and life-limiting, but,  blood plasma infusions very
    without leaving home for Kidasha  thankfully, not in my case. There  frequently and, during this
    ( I have passed 400  are about 5,000 such patients in  pandemic, nearly all had to shield
    miles (4,500 laps) – the total raised  the UK with around 400 identified  at home – not go outside at all –  H
    is £11,573. My target is £18,000.  conditions. Treating us can involve  for over 18 months so far.
       In July, it rained and rained,  complex (often experimental)  Please donate to either  D
    making it unpleasant to be out  treatments. Many have to have  charity at

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                                        Sunshine Corner looking resplendent (Photo: Emma Howard)

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