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On 12th July the                                                                Rain stopped play at Northway Gardens Tennis Courts (Photo: Tony Brand)

       heavens opened                                      SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY    there was water gushing in  broken roof tiles but other HGS

       for an hour                                              n the afternoon of 12th  through the open window. I  residents were not so fortunate.
                                                                                     excused myself and ran to close
                                                                                                               Some had to evacuate their homes
                                                                                     the window, getting soaked in the
                                                                                                               altogether whilst the damage
                                                                 July I was judging an
                                                          Ointernational mediation   process. I have never experienced  was repaired.
                                                           competition on zoom. I was  rain quite like it here in England;  Weeks later we are continuing
                                                           just giving my feedback to the  the closest I have seen was in  to see the after effects of the
        The rainfall was biblical. As the photos testify,  participants when my voice was  Mumbai during monsoon season.  flooding, an example being the
        havoc was wreaked throughout the Suburb, where     drowned out by a sudden heavy  We were lucky, only suffering  loss of one of the beautiful old
                                                           downpour. I realised the room  a few leaks where the rain had  willows in Northway Gardens (see
        many parts were completely flooded with people     had grown unnaturally dark and  managed to get through some  photos below).
        having to move out of their homes whilst water
        was drained and the aftermath cleaned up.

                                                            The rain stopped the cars too
                                                            (Photo: Anthony Bernstein)              Quite a deluge in no time at all (Photo: Tony Brand)

       The waters encroach (Photo: Michelle Niarchos)

                                                           Fletchers Gardens are almost unrecognisable (Photo: Tony Brand)

       A once majestic willow succumbs… (Photo: Peter McCluskie)


          his huge weeping willow beside the Mutton Brook in Northway
          Gardens fell over on Sunday 1st August. Fortunately nobody was
      Tunder it at the time. It was growing very near the edge of the
      brook which flooded in the storm so I presume that further erosion
      then caused the tree to become unstable. There are other weeping                                    Even the ducks took refuge!
      willows in a similar position on the edge of the brook.  …and the willow is no more (Photo: Peter McCluskie)  (Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)
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