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To Bee or not                                        and some vigorous shaking and  Entrepreneurial
                                                           clipping until it finally fell into the
                                                           fit-for-purpose container Benedict
                                                           had brought along. With the queen  competition won by
      to Bee?                                              safely in the box (we hoped), the
                                                           worker bees (also mostly female –
                                                           settle down for the evening. I Suburb residents
                                                           of course!) were likely to fly in and
                                                           would leave my garden gate open
      The answer is in the                                 during the night so Benedict could                (l-r) Dejan Mitrovic, Clare Brass,
                                                                                                             Thomas Leech (Photo: Department 22)
                                                           then return under cover of darkness
      local WhatsApp group                                 to whip the box and its slumbering
                                                           inhabitants out of our garden.
                                                             And indeed the next morning
                                                           I opened my blinds to see a garden
      KATE KUPER                is literally nothing that can’t be  sans bee box and very definitely
                                solved through this magical  sans bees, just a few hours before
          itting at my COVID home  portal! The bees were just the  my guests arrived. What gratitude
           desk in the living room,  next instalment.      and relief I felt! According to
      S my ears were assaulted by  So I posted my need for  Benedict several people in the
      a sudden whoosh and then roar  emergency bee removal and within  Suburb keep bees, and finding a
      outside the window to my right.  literally a minute I had replies  home for them would not be
      Turning away from my umpteenth  from both the local WhatsApp  difficult. Who would have guessed!?
      zoom meeting for the week (being  groups that we had resident bee  It’s a source of much
      Friday afternoon), I watched with  experts in each of Rotherwick and  amusement that you can find
      horror as a swarm of bees flew in  Corringham Roads! An hour later  anything and everything you need
      synchronous formation around  I found myself wearing a bee  on our local WhatsApp groups.
      my small garden. Exponential  protection suit, looking like a  The Amazon ‘everything store’ of
      horror as in less than 24 hours  scruffy Astronaut, and acting as  community support is alive and  ocal Suburb entrepreneurs  health and immunity, and more
      there would be 10 guests sitting  helper to the extremely calm and  well in NW11. I couldn’t be more  Clare Brass and Dejan Mitrovic,  and more of us want to ‘do the
      outside for our first summer BBQ!  well equipped Benedict Roth who  grateful to live in such a remarkable  L together with their colleague  right thing’; but when it comes to
         In moments of anxiety my  methodically took us both through  neighbourhood (particularly as an
      brain fortunately punches out its  the hive removal operation! The  immigrant to the UK), and even  Tom Leech, last week carried off  checkout, we are often put off by
                                                                                                               the substantial price difference.
                                                                                     the first prize in the Commercial
      emotive side and summons the  hive, more than six metres high  more so during a time of floods,  category of the 2021 Entrepreneurial  A year ago, the Bulkify team
      fixer within. The fixer knows no  up, required various implements  pestilence and plague!  Barnet competition with their new  had an idea: what if you could
      resource is more effective than                                                start-up, Bulkify. Set up and run  harness the power of neighbour-
      our local Whatsapp Group. Yes,                                                 collaboratively by Barnet Council,  hoods, allowing people to buy
      we were a friendly and helpful                                                 Middlesex University and Barnet &  together to benefit from bulk
      neighbourhood pre-COVID but                                                    Southgate College, the prize aims  discounts? After some tests, they
      boy did we go into top gear during                                             to promote entrepreneurship  put together a web-shop,
      the pandemic. Within a week or                                                 among the University community  available to people in the Barnet
      two of Lockdown we had flyers                                                  and across the borough. This  area, where every week you can
      through the doors of Rotherwick,                                               year’s competition involved three  find the tastiest, most ethically
      Middleton and a few on Finchley                                                stages – a two-minute video pitch,  produced food – organic raw
      Road nearby. Within 48 hours                                                   online workshops to help entrants  honey, single-origin coffee,
      there was a growing group – first                                              develop their ideas, and a final  fairtrade chocolate and a range of
      12 or so, then 30, 40 and eventually                                           Dragon’s Den style pitch to a  artisan, London-made products –
      50 members and more. Some of                                                   panel of four judges.     at discounts of up to 40%.
      us already belonged to the larger                                                 Designer, trainer and consultant  Bulkify works by grouping
      WhatsApp group (now 91                                                         Clare, who set up cross-disciplinary  nearby orders and deliveries,
      participants) that also includes                                               sustainability initiative SustainRCA  allowing customers to discover
      Corringham Road, but it was time                                               at the Royal College of Art, serial  nearby local shops and businesses
      to get even more local. During                                                 entrepreneur Dejan and design  where they go to collect their
      COVID the group really delivered                                               engineer and tutor Tom, previously  orders. The Book Warehouse in
      true neighbourly support –                                                     ran circular economy consultancy  Golders Green, the Garden Cafe in
      collecting meds, sharing grocery                                               Department 22 together.   Temple Fortune and Moji’s new
      runs, helping the local food banks,                                               Bulkify is all about making  barber shop in Monkville Parade
      dropping off food to sick neighbours                                           sustainable, ethical food more  are all benefiting from acting as
      – in addition to the usual invaluable                                          accessible and affordable, to  collection points for the hyper-
      tips on everything from dog walkers                                            stimulate the kind of agriculture  local Bulkify customers. Bulkify is
      to nannies and tradesmen. There                                 Photo: Adam Spitz
                                                                                     that is planet-positive. Organic and  also currently developing an
                                                                                     agroecological farming systems  exciting new zero-waste proposition
                                                                                     work hard to combat, and even  using refillable containers to
                                                                                     reverse, the worst effects of  reduce packaging waste.
                                                                                     producing food – sequestering  The more people join, the
                                                                                     CO2, restoring biodiversity and  stronger the neighbourhood bonds
                                                                                     improving our health (read more  become. If you are interested in
                                                                                     on the Bulkify blog page at  signing up and becoming part of
                                                                            The  the Bulkify community, please
                                                                                     pandemic has highlighted the  head over to or
                                                                                     importance of good food to our  contact

                                                                                    HGS U3A update

                                                                                     MYKE JACOBS               Richard Abramson was confirmed
                                                                                                               as the new Chair of the Trustees
                                                                                         he AGM of HGS U3A was held  of HGS U3A. It was decided to
                                                                                         in July. David Powers, chair  keep subscriptions for the new
                                                                                     Tof the meeting, paid tribute  year which starts on 1st
                                                                                     to Jack Berkovi, its first Chair, who  September at £25 each (£40 for
                                                                                     sadly died in May 2021 (see page  couples). All the groups running
                                                                                     opposite), and his widow Daphne,  through Covid (whose activities
                                                                                     who together made such a huge  are described on our website
                                                                                     contribution to the foundation will be restarting in
                                                                                     and running of the charity.  September and all Suburb
                                                                                        HGS U3A had over 70 groups  residents are invited to renew
                                                                                     running before the pandemic, and  their memberships or to join up at
                                                                                     still has nearly 50 groups operational We look forward
                                                                                     on Zoom and in person now.  to seeing you all!
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