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S U B U R B                                                    Running in my 70s

                                                                                    for Cancer                 breath. I was enjoying it. Hooked!
                                                                                                               Running on your own though can
                                                                                    Research                   be a lonely pursuit, so in May I
                                                                                                               entered a 10K race in Queen
                                                                                                               Elizabeth Olympic Park. My
                                                                                     DAVID POWERS              delight at achieving a personal
                                                                                                               best of 00:56:56 was compounded
                                                                                           hen I worked in Tokyo in  by learning I had come in first in
                                                                                           the 1980s, I regularly  the over-70s category! I’ve since
                                                                                     W jogged the 5K around the  taken part in several races and
                                                                                     Imperial Palace. But the searing  have signed up for the London
                                                                                     summer heat made it a chore  Summer Run on Sunday 5
                                                                                     rather than a pleasure. A torn  September to raise money for
                                                                                     cartilage eventually forced me to  Cancer Research UK in memory of
                                                                                     hang up my running shoes.  my wife of 34 years, Toshiko, who
                                                                                        Fast forward three decades.  died of cancer. If you’d like to
                                                                                     During the first lockdown we were  support me, you can donate
                                                                                     allowed out only once a day for  through my fundraising page at
                                                                                     exercise. It was time to dig out my
                                 Photo: Richard Pedrycz
                                                                                     running shoes again. The Suburb  summerrun-jglsr99r3.
                                                                                     and Heath Extension aren’t exactly  At 73, I’m fortunate to still be
                                                                                     flat, so I soon remembered why I  fit enough to run. Having such a
                                A warm welcome to                                    never ran for pleasure. But  beautiful area as the Suburb and
                                                                                     lockdown forced me out every day.
                                                                                                               Hampstead Heath to run in means
                                                                                                               it finally is a pleasure, not a chore.
                                                                                     Suddenly, I was no longer out of
                                PC Amric Singh
                                SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY
                                    C Amric Singh has taken
                                    over from PC Sandy Clifford
                                Pwho we featured in the last
                                issue of Suburb News.
                                   I bumped into Amric (“call me
                                Ricky”) on a recent walk in the                       1946 - 2021
                                Suburb. He is very much aware of
                                just how special the Suburb is and
                                very keen to get to know the                         DAPHNE BERKOVI
                                community. “Stop me to talk
                                about any issues and let me know                          y dear Jack sadly died on
                                how I can help,” was his message.                          26 May this year. In the
                                Approachable, friendly and clearly                   M picture he is holding his
                                experienced – he has been in the                     Certificate of Recognition for his
                                police force for 19 years – Amric                    remarkable contribution in
                                is a real asset to HGS. So do stop                   successfully establishing a u3a in
                                him if you see him and say hello,                    the Suburb four years ago. This
                                he’ll be more than happy to chat                     was awarded by the London
                                (time permitting!).                                  Borough of Barnet in recognition  Photo: Daphne Berkovi
                                   Any concerns about criminal                       of Jack’s outstanding service to the
                                activity should be reported to the                   community, which truly sums up  Jack was also somewhat of a
                                police. You can reach Amric on
       GAD_Enfranchisement_SuburbNews_137mm x 120mm_Layout 1  08/02/2021  09:46  Page 1  Jack’s character and personality.  polymath. Amongst one of his
                                                            Photo: Shelley-Anne Salisbury
                                07920 233737.                                        Jack was someone who loved life  favourite hobbies was playing jazz
                                                                                     and loved people, who gave his  piano and this was known locally
                                                                                     time unselfishly always conscious  as he had supported local charities
                                                                                     of wanting to make life as enjoyable  playing at musical events. He was
                                                                                     as possible for others.   also an avid chess player and
            Introducing Graham Jaffe                                                    He was born in September  often taught others how to enjoy
                                                                                     1946 and we grew up in the same  this somewhat complex game. He
                                                                                     area in SW London and met when
                                                                                                               also wrote and had published a
            Leasehold                                                                we were just teenagers. After Jack  book during the early years of his
                                                                                                               illness, despite contending with
                                                                                     graduated from university we were
                                                                                     married and had over 50 years of  gruelling cancer treatment; waking
            Enfranchisement                                                          happily married life. Jack enjoyed  in the early hours to compile all
                                                                                                               his work experience into this
                                                                                     a long and successful career in
                                                                                                               heavy tome. He was also a co-
                                                                                     management which enabled him
            Expert                                                                   to travel extensively.    inventor of a maths game
                                                                                        In 1999 we decided to move
                                                                                                               ‘Nubble’ which was published
                                                                                                               some years ago and continues to
                                                                                     from Hertfordshire to the Suburb
                                                                                     looking to start a new life:  be used in helping children with
                                                                                     relishing the prospect of living in  their maths.
            Buying your freehold or extending your                                   such an idyllic location, settling in  There is a great sense of pride
                                                                                     quickly and enjoying the lovely  in what Jack achieved throughout
            lease contact Graham for experienced                                     surroundings and all that the  his life and especially in the latter
                                                                                     Suburb could offer. So just when  years, despite such great
            specialist advice.                                                       life was going at full pelt and on a  adversity. So, I and others feel a
                                                                                     trajectory career-wise and personally,  profound respect for what Jack
            Call on 0208 209 2653                                                    it dealt Jack a bitter blow 11 years  has given and gave to many who
            Email                                              ago. Despite being diagnosed with  encountered him.
                                                                                     myeloma and becoming a dialysis  So many people have referred
                                                                                     patient it was Jack’s sheer  to Jack as someone who always
                                                                                     determination, courage and  had a smile on his face, despite all
                                                         fortitude which guaranteed that  his afflictions. Perhaps, as a fitting
            746 Finchley Road NW11 7TH                                               these terrible conditions were not  tribute we could organise a ‘Jack’
                                                                                     going to stand in the way of  day each year in the Suburb: a
            Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors is a trading                          making the most of what life had  day focussed on and synonymous
            name of National Law Partners Limited.
                                                                                     to offer. He had the grace to rise  with laughter and joy, which would
                                                                                     above all of this.        be a fitting legacy for dear Jack.
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