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          RA REVIEW

    13 July Council Meeting                                                         Olivia at the playground (Photo: Sally Patterson)

    made for a lively Zoom debate                                                  Playground upgrade – RA

                                                                                   match funding campaign

                                                                                   COLIN GREGORY             proposals go to the Heath
                                                                                                             Consultative and Management
                                                                                       he City of London is making  Committees and for planning
                                                                                       improvements to the   consent in the autumn.
                                                                                   Tplayground on the Heath     The work will be carried out in
                                                                                   Extension, following a local  the winter so the new playground
                                                                                   campaign in 2020 by 10 year old  should be ready by next spring.
                                                                                   Olivia White, who sold jam to  Following its successful matched
                                                                                   raise funds for the project. The  funding campaign last year in aid
                                                                                   improved playground will have an  of the Royal Free Charity, the
                                                                                   increased variety of play equipment,  Residents Association will run a
                                                                                   catering for children up to age 12.  similar campaign in support of the
                                                                                   It will retain its rustic feel and  project. Hampstead Heath is a
     Photos:                                                                       make use of natural materials,  registered charity and contributions
     Memory of an
     Georgina Malcolm RA Pre-Covid Summer Party – hopefully to be reinstated next year (Photo: Tony Brand)
                                                                                   including logs from elsewhere on  for the playground will be made
                                                                                   the Heath. The City has drawn up  via the charity, up to a total of
    EMMA HOWARD                                                                    a design and is currently consulting  £10,000; £5,000 from residents
                                                                                   Olivia and other members of the  and £5,000 from the RA. (Raising
        A Council now meets (via Zoom) four times a year from 8pm to be updated by its Executive and to  local community before the  about 25% of the estimated cost.)
        discuss various matters. As usual, the July meeting was a lively one attended by 12 Council members
    Rand two visitors. Suburb Residents are most welcome to join these meetings and can ask a question at
    the beginning of the meeting but are not able to join in wider discussion.
       We have welcomed several new members to our RA Council recently and I am pleased to say that Philip  New Environment
    Okrent (our new pavement supremo) joined in July. If you are interested in taking part in Council, then
    please contact You will also be expected to join one of our standing committees or take on  Committee for the Suburb
    a role in the RA: there are always things to be done!
       At the meeting, we discussed finances and membership, grants and donations, as well as events,
    including a possible summer party and a forthcoming events questionnaire. Our editor of Suburb News  EMMA HOWARD  renewable energy; improve our
    updated Council members on feedback on the new style Suburb News which seems to have been a hit with     home insulation and plant more
    readers welcoming the new format.                                                   ampstead Garden Suburb  trees in our streets and gardens.
       Our Trees & Open Spaces committee is making good progress on working with volunteers and LB Barnet  is currently one of the  I am keen to set up a new
    to create a new community fruit orchard in Lyttleton Playing Fields and to preserve and renew our street Hgreenest and cleanest  Committee to focus on practical
    trees. More updates on matters of very local interest below:                   suburbs in London with its parks,  initiatives that we can do locally
    1. CHARITABLE GIVING: RA Council members have the usually pleasurable role in agreeing grant support  woodlands and Hampstead Heath  over the next 5-10 years in order
    for local charities and bodies doing good work. So far in 2021, we have agreed the following contributions:  on its doorstep. But there is much  to help meet these urgent
    • Proms at St Jude’s Music and Literary festival: £3,000 grant to support the weekend ‘Lit Fest’.  to be done in order to enhance  challenges now – not just for
    • St. Jude’s appeal to restore the tower and steeple of this much-loved Grade 1 listed building: £10,000.  our environmental credentials and  future generations. I would like
    • Fellowship House runs a series of high-quality chamber concerts in the autumn, and we have donated  to make the Suburb fit for the  volunteers willing to roll their
    £500 in support again.                                                         future. In order to make sure we  sleeves up and run an energetic
    • Northway Gardens Organisation: £1,375 to support expenses incurred here.     do our part in the huge challenges  committee which will drive
    • Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice: the RA ran a matched fund appeal to help this charity that supports so  presented by the need to reduce  changes for the good for our
    many very sick children and their families at times of great need. We gave £10,000 which was equalled by  our carbon emissions, we will all  children and grandchildren. If you
    local donations enabling the Hospice to proceed with a therapy pool at the new hospice building in Barnet.  need to ditch our petrol and  are interested, please email me
    • Hampstead Heath’s management team has committed to installing new playground equipment in the  diesel cars; heat our homes with  on
    existing location on the Extension and aimed at a wider age range up to 12 years. RA Council agreed to
    support a further match funding appeal which the RA will contribute up to £5,000 towards.
    2. ROAD AND TRAFFIC MATTERS: although there is no longer an RA R&T committee, volunteers have
    continued to work hard to seek improvements in our area. LB Barnet have now agreed to proceed with the following:
    • Addison Way: the installation of improved restriction to entry from Falloden Way as this has become a
    short cut causing a lot of issues for residents. The new design should be installed soon and will include
    narrower entry points to enable small vans and cars only to enter the road here. It will also be more robust
    as the current posts are frequently knocked over by vehicles.
    • Hampstead Way/Meadway roundabout: LB Barnet paid for an extensive survey here at the request of the
    RA in order to try to improve pedestrian safety at crossing these busy roads and to improve traffic safety at
    the roundabout. They are finalising a plan which will include crossing shelters on Meadway for pedestrians,
    and a narrowing of Meadway near the roundabout so that drivers will be forced to slow down and take more
    care here.
    • Willifield Way/Asmuns Hill junction: LB Barnet have agreed to repaint the roundabout markings and
    related road markings here.
    3. LITTER PICKING: the RA has been working with residents and LB Barnet for over two years to provide
    equipment and support for volunteers who would like to help keep our roads, pavements and open spaces
    free from litter. We have resident Michael Green to thank for setting this up 2 years ago, but we now need a
    new volunteer to liaise with Barnet, receive and distribute equipment and liaise with volunteers as needed.
    Please contact if interested either in litter picking or co-ordinating this for the RA.
    4. ALLOTMENTS: Committee Chair, Philip Harlow, was unable to attend the meeting, but reported that the
    allotments are looking in good shape this year – maybe all that rain has helped and Covid restrictions have
    meant people have had more time to tend their plots. There is now a long waiting list for plots: if you are
    interested in taking one on, please email
    5. PUBLICATIONS: the most recent issue had seen a substantial revision to style and size and the Editors
    reported receiving excellent feedback on topics covered, size and stapling, and the fresh new approach. The
    volunteer distribution team had reconvened after the long Covid enforced absence and reported that they
    had survived this well. We still need volunteer distributors in several locations: please email
    if you can help, especially on Brim Hill, Falloden Way/Market Place and Winnington Road and Close.
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