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S U B U R B             Barnet’s

                               New Local Plan:

                                is it addressing our
                                changing needs?

                                TONY ZEILINGER
                                    arnet Council is in the final stages of reviewing and updating the
                                     Borough’s planning policies in a document known as the Local
                                B Plan, due to receive final approval by the end of 2021. It sets out
                                a vision for how the borough will change over the next 15 years and
                                forms a strategy which emphasises the attractiveness of the borough
                                as a place to live, work and visit. The full current version is available on
                                Barnet’s website via this link:
                                   Recent years have seen much technological innovation from smart
                                phones to increased emphasis on energy conservation and re-use of
                                materials. Electric vehicles and lower cost solar panels are relatively
                                new technologies. Online shopping has gained huge momentum and
                                visits to large stores have declined. Many of our roads are choked with
                                congestion and pollution from traffic and commuter rail and tube
                                routes into central London have become ever more crowded. Over the
                                past 18 months, the Covid pandemic has resulted in further change.
                                For many, it has meant much less commuting into the centre of  It’s probably safe to assume that Robert Jenrick, Minister for
                                London or cycling rather than taking the tube. Barnet’s new plan  Communities, Housing & Local Government, would agree that
                                reflects many of these trends and its ratification is likely to coincide  Hampstead Garden Suburb contains beautiful architectural and urban
                                with potentially radical Town & Country Planning reform and  design. He is tabling before Parliament the most radical town and
                                supporting legislation.                              country planning reforms in 75 years. The first Town & Country Planning
                                                                                     legislation that guides us was introduced in 1947 and echoed the
                                                                                     concerns of Henrietta Barnett and her fellow members of The Garden
                                                                                     City Movement who campaigned for the building of more inclusive
                                                                                     mixed communities offering green spaces for residents to enjoy.
                                                                                        One of the main aspects of the 1947 legislation was to create
                                          Residents Association                      protected green belt areas to act as a barrier to restrict suburban
              Play your part in keeping                                              sprawl and to provide ‘lungs’ for our cities. For similar reasons, the
                                                                                     founders of our Suburb campaigned to raise funds to ensure the City of
                                                                                     London could purchase land now forming the Hampstead Heath
                     our Suburb special                                              Extension and that the surrounding land to the north could be
                                                                                     purchased to design and develop a state of the art, gardened housing
                                                                                     development, where families drawn from all social classes could live
              The Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association was formed over 100 years ago.  within proximity to each other. Pioneers of the Garden City Movement
                                                                                     attracted the interest of leading architects and designers of the era,
          Membership is open to all residents, and non-residents can join as associate members. With nearly
                                                                                     many of whom were members of the Arts & Crafts Movement.
         2,000 members, it has grown in strength to become a positive and powerful force on the Suburb, by:
                                                                                        From October 2021, local air quality should improve with the
             • organising social and cultural events including fêtes, picnics and a New Year’s Eve party •  extension of the ULEZ from central London to the North Circular Road,
          • arranging open meetings for residents to express their views and pre-election political meetings •  forcing most vehicle owners to give serious consideration to reduction
                                                                                     of their vehicle emissions. Last year, the GLA gained statutory approval
                • maintaining and enhancing our environment and the character of the Suburb •  for its 15-year London Plan, and its policies continue to ban new
          • representing member views by lobbying local councillors, politicians, planning authorities etc •  developments on Green Belt land. Among the ambitions set out in The
                                                                                     London Plan, the GLA wants to slow the growth of vehicle traffic. It is
                        • supporting local societies and voluntary organisations •
                                                                                     seeking to improve public transport for travelling across London and
                    • donating to various local charities including The Proms at St Jude’s •  not just into its central areas. Over the past decades, people’s jobs have
           • producing the RA website, Suburb News & eNews, the Directory and the HGS List email group •  changed, as have our places of work and our commuting and business
                                                                                     journeys, with many people unable to afford to live within Greater
         • giving access to the Master Tradespeople List: recommendations made by fellow Suburb members •  London. Travel to access leisure, education, and health care services
               • helping to keep the Suburb safe and  engendering an inclusive community spirit •  (with increasingly centralised healthcare facilities) has increased.
                                                                                        The London Plan sets policies to increase the Affordable Housing
                                                                                     supply with targets to build tens of thousands of new affordable homes,
                                                                                     not just in central areas, but within its suburbs, rather than building
                  Join the Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association online at   new towns further out, as was the case in the 1950’s and 60’s. Barnet’s
                                                              Local Plan is required to incorporate many of the policies that have
                                    (or post the form below)                         been approved within the London Plan, which in turn is influenced by
                                                                                     the policies set out within The National Planning Framework. One of
       Join the HGS Residents Association or renew your membership. (One subscription covers everyone at the address)  Barnet’s significant tasks in preparing its plan has been to identify
       Name(s)                                                                       possible sites where developers could construct affordable homes on a
                                                                                     commercial basis, including newer forms of social housing.
       Address                                                  Postcode                But what impact do these higher-level policy prescriptions have
       Email                                        Phone                            upon the drafting of Barnet’s Plan? Increased emphasis is being placed
                                                                                     on the need for people to remain active and Barnet and the GLA are
       Annual subscription amount (Minimum payment £15 per annum)..........................................£  interested in funding a green walkway alongside the River Brent and
       Fellowship donation* (Optional).....................................................................................................................£  Mutton Brook between Brent Cross and the Suburb. Golders Green
       (To support Fellowship, a Suburb charity, in its work for Suburb senior citizens)  Town Centre will be renovated, and land use around East Finchley and
       Total ...................................................................................................................................................................................£  Finchley Central Stations looks likely to change, with commuter parking
                                                                                     space reduced as more affordable homes are built. The Local Plan
       * I declare by making this donation that I want to Gift Aid my donations to Fellowship House and am a UK taxpayer paying  encourages more leisure, entertainment, health, and new community
       sufficient tax to meet the Gift Aid on my donation. I agree to Fellowship receiving my details for this purpose.  facilities within our town centres. It anticipates that online shopping
       I wish to pay:    (Delete the above declaration if you do not wish to Gift Aid your donation or do not pay sufficient tax)
                                                                                     will increase and our interest in using land greedy mega-supermarkets
          by cheque (payable to HGS Residents Association). Please write your address on the back of the cheque.  will continue to decline. Barnet’s planners envisage that the redevelopment
          by bank transfer to HGS Residents Association: Bank: HSBC Sort Code: 40-03-11 Acc. No: 91605747  values of these sites will attract applications for more housing and
                                                                                     smaller commercial developments, whether as shared, flexible workspaces
                          Please return this form (with cheque if applicable) to:
       The Membership Secretary, HGS Residents Association, PO Box 67700, London NW111NS  or studios suited to high tech designers and the creative industries.
                       Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at  SN147  Brent Cross area will become a significant new office and
                                                                                     commercial centre whilst retaining its role as a speciality shopping,
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