Page 9 - HGS Suburb News 147 - September2021
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                                                        Community Fruit


                                                         MARIA SCHLATTER

                                                             y the end of this autumn, Lyttelton Playing Fields
                                                             will have a delightful new addition. The Friends of
                                                         B Henrietta’s Community Fruit Orchard and other
                                                         resident volunteers will be planting a new orchard with a
                                                         historic selection of fruit trees. This exciting project was
                                                         initiated by the HGS Residents Association and has
                                                         been in preparation since last year.
                                                            The tree varieties chosen by the Friends of
                                                         Henrietta’s Community Orchard have been specially
                                                         grafted and reserved for us by Grow at Brogdale, home
                                                         of the National Fruit Collection in Kent, and should be
                                                         ready for planting by about mid- November.
                                                            The new community orchard will continue the fruit-  Apple picking at Brogdale National Fruit Collection
                                                                                                   (Photo: Maria Schlatter)
                                                         growing traditions begun during the foundation period
                                                         of Hampstead Garden Suburb to bring benefit and pleasure to the community. We are very grateful that
                                                         local residents and schools have shown such a keen interest in supporting this project.
                                                            It looks like it is going to be a real community effort. Both the RA and Barnet Council have been very
                                                         engaged in preparing for it. Bishopswood Bowling Club very kindly offered their assistance in supplying water
                                                         for the new orchard, and the Friends of Big Wood are planning to lend practical support with volunteer
                                                         labour and tools when it comes to planting the young fruit trees.
                                         Photo: Google Earth  We are scheduling another meeting for the Friends of Henrietta’s Community Orchard to organise the
                                                         planting dates and related activities at the end of September. Existing Friends of Henrietta’s Community
    dining, and entertainment hub. Thameslink is building a new station at  Orchard will be contacted about this automatically, and if you also want to get involved or just find out
    Brent Cross West that will be connected with new bus routes. This new  more, please email: or call 020 8458 2402.
    station has been designed for additional platforms to be built for a new
    overground station, that forms part of the planned West London
    Orbital overground line. It will use the existing freight railway lines from
    Cricklewood to Brentford that will be upgraded to create a new                 Cracking the problem
    passenger line terminating at West Hampstead and Hendon Thameslink.
    This is part of The Greater London and Barnet’s Plan to improve east –
    west public transport routes.                                                  PHILIP OKRENT
       In adjoining boroughs, significant infrastructure projects are
    underway, such as the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail 1) and the contentious             ollowing a letter that I wrote to the RA following the last edition of
    high-speed railway HS2. Barnet will collaborate with adjoining boroughs            Suburb News regarding the terrible state of many of our pavements,
    of Haringey and Enfield to create an opportunity area in New Southgate,        FI was asked if I would be willing to be co-opted to the Residents
    where a Crossrail 2 station is proposed. Within Barnet, other                  Association with a brief to report issues regarding dangerous pavements
    opportunity area developments are progressing in Colindale and Brent           in the Suburb. Having agreed to that, I have spent the last few weeks
    Cross, plus substantial new housing in Mill Hill East’s Millbrook Park.        fielding reports from residents and forwarding onwards to our local
       To the west, between Willesden, Acton and the Park Royal                    Councillors. I have also met with relevant Barnet officials to show them
    Industrial Estate, the Oak Common Development Zone, with new                   some of the issues we have here.
    housing, retail and commercial space and multiple rail inter-change               I am really delighted to say that each reported incident has been
    links, will include a massive new station for HS2, Crossrail and               dealt with by the Council and repair works are in hand. So, if you are
    Overground trains, including the planned West London Orbital                   concerned about the pavement near your house being dangerous then
    overground line. The west of London from Old Oak Common out                    please, please contact me at and I will happily
    towards Heathrow has the potential to become a major growth zone,              take up the problem with our Councillors and hopefully get the issue
    not dissimilar in scale to Canary Wharf and the other docklands                resolved relatively quickly. Please send photos and precise location
    developments in East London.                          Photo: Philip Okrent     (e.g. road name and house number) where possible.
       What impact could these changes have for us within the Suburb in
    the future? Hampstead Garden Suburb will continue to be a
    Conservation Area and might soon be classified as a Protected Area.
    Our properties cannot currently outwardly change in appearance, and
    our open spaces remain protected. Overall, we should benefit from
    already permitted and proposed development changes happening
    within other parts of Barnet. Lack of parking provided in new residential
    complexes should encourage more residents to use public transport,
    cycle or walk. Statistics show that the younger generation is less
    interested in car ownership and overall vehicle sharing is increasing
    with Zip Cars being such an example.
       As part of the proposed planning law reforms, administrative
    processes associated with household planning applications will be
    simplified. As the Suburb is already mainly built up, no major
    redevelopments are likely to occur within its boundaries. Our residents
    will hopefully be protected from mass development and further
    housing densification threats, but we will continue to experience
    gradual change. Our basic street utility infrastructure will need to be
    modernised reflecting changing consumer demands and the need to
    use modern materials.
       Copper telephone lines and associated infrastructure are likely to
    be removed from our streets and replaced by fibre cabling to our
    homes. Huge mobile masts on sites such as the one in Golders Green
    railway sidings could soon be removed as more of us adopt 5G and its
    successor mobile technologies that are better suited to working with
    shorter distance and much smaller radio aerials. As we make greater
    use of zero-emission vehicles, we will need more street charging points.
    Then there is the question of hydrogen fuel and its role in powering
    transport and maybe heating our homes. Barnet’s Local Plan makes
    references to such changes, and new supporting policies continue to
    be developed.
       So, even without significant redevelopment schemes within the
    Suburb, there remain plenty of challenges that doubtless the
    committees of the HGSRA and The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust
    will need to consider as they help protect the interests of residents.
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