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     Spring Issue 149 · 2022                                                                                     

                                                                                                                  Residents Association

                        Read Lelaʼs                The Garden Girl    Find out how to                             27 years at
                        amazing story               springs into    win this yearʼs SN                             St Judeʼs
                        of survival                 action on     Photo Competition,                         comes to an end,
                        on page 4                    page 18                 page 15                                see page 5

     Springing forward                                    of some plucky foxes. It’s all very  can’t come soon enough. In fact,  timetable. I know one Swallow

                                                                                    on my first day out of captivity a
                                                                                                              doesn’t make a summer, but I’m
                                                          Attenborough-esque on a
                                                          miniature scale, but nevertheless
                                                                                    saw a Swallow soaring high above
                                                                                                              have lifted, Winter is behind us,
                                                          just as enchanting.       couple of weeks ago, I thought I  feeling positive. Covid restrictions
                                                             Given the dismal winter, with  me. Inky black against a clear blue  Spring is almost here and Summer’s
     SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY    we lose an hour this time, the  the miserable dull wet weather  sky. It was possibly my overactive  not that far away. That’s something
     CO-EDITOR                 reward of an extra hour of daylight  which has left the Heath  post-isolation imagination or  to smile about surely?
                               on the Sunday is always worth the  Extension in a sorry boggy state,  plain wishful thinking (tad early for  Marie-Christine and I hope
         t midnight on 26th March,  lost hour of sleep.   and the enforced isolation of  Swallows) or maybe global warming  you enjoy this Spring issue of
          the clocks will go forward  When we officially start  many as Omicron hit, this Spring  is messing with the avian migration  Suburb News.
     A heralding the start of  daylight-saving the relief will be
     British Summertime. Definitely  palpable. Longer, lighter days with
     forward, not back in case you are  the promise of warm weather just  Brave New World – the new
     asking. (It gets me every time – I  around the corner. Unburdened
     find the American prompt Spring  by our winter coats hats and
     forward, fall back very useful in  gloves, there will be a literal spring  Brent Cross Town development
     moments of doubt). Even though  in our step. The Suburb will once
                               again be transformed into a place
                               of breath-taking beauty as the
                               blossom bursts forth like
                               popcorn, the Hawthorn hedges
                               start to flower and the Magnolias
                               begin to bud. A magnificent
                               palette of purest white, palest
                               pink and fuchsia will turn the
                               Suburb streets in to veritable
                               ticker tape parades, eliciting awe
                               all round from residents and
                               visitors alike.
                                  I’ve already seen the early signs
                               of Spring. Clusters of crocuses
                               dotted about in the woods, the
                               quick darts of squirrels checking
                               out the pre-spring offerings, the
                               unbelievably loud and slightly
      Clusters of crocuses in Big Wood  comical drilling of a couple of  The new Claremont Park
      (Photo: Shelley-Anne Salisbury)  woodpeckers and the derring-do’s  (Photo construction:

                                                                                    SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY    minute town’ meaning the basics
                                                                                                              of daily life can be accessed
          THE MARKET IS HOT… MAYBE IT’S                                                  ick Searl is a man with a  within a 15 minute walk or bike
                                                                                         mission. As one of the  ride. In addition, the amenities
                            TIME TO MOVE?                                           N Partners of Argent Related,  will be set out in such a way as to
                                                                                    Nick and his team are creating  make life as simple as possible for
             In the last few months, we have let and sold an extraordinary          Brent Cross Town, part of the Brent  residents and visitors. Good
                                                                                    Cross Cricklewood regeneration  design is key.
           amount of homes in the Suburb, therefore if you are considering          area of 180 acres which sits on the  Billed as a destination place
            selling or letting there has never been a better time than now.         southern side of the North Circular  for ‘all the family’, Brent Cross
                                                                                    and Brent Cross Shopping Centre.  Town will provide plenty of
          We regularly deal with ‘Cottages to Castles’ and can procure both            A hugely ambitious and far-  activities for everyone. With an
                                                                                    sighted project, Brent Cross Town  Everyman style cinema, pop up
           aspirational clientele moving up the property ladder and also the        will be a new town centre with  shops, restaurants, markets, and
                      comfortable ‘empty nesters’, moving down.                     leisure, retail and sports facilities  events, there will always be
                                                                                    alongside municipal buildings  something new and exciting going
            Our resourceful applicants are not just plucked from within the         such as schools and hospitals.  on. There will be an emphasis on
                                                                                    The development will incorporate  art and culture and leisure facilities
           local vicinity, but from London-wide and Globally, which gives us        6,700 new homes, workspace  which are seen as hugely important
            the unique opportunity to extract the full value of your home.          for around 25,000 people,  in the overall design. 44 acres will
                                                                                    affordable housing and student  be retained as green playing
         We are at your service and we reassuringly deliver on our promises.        accommodation. Additionally,  fields. “The people of NW London
                                                                                    Brent Cross Town will be a mere  will want to come,” says Nick who
                                                                                    12 minutes from Kings Cross and  believes word of mouth will be a
                          CELEBRATING                                               St. Pancreas International via the  big factor in drawing people to
                                               glentree                             new Brent cross West Thameslink.  the area.
                                                  INTERNATIONAL                        No strangers to regeneration  So far so good, but will Brent
                          YEARS TRADING                                             and good design, Nick and his team  Cross Town basically be a
                                                                                    at Argent Related were responsible  reimagined Milton Keynes for the
                                                                                    for the redevelopment of Kings  21st century? Absolutely not says
                      07831 339699                        Cross, a hugely successful project.  Nick. Milton Keynes was designed
                                                                                       Brent Cross Town is based  on a compartmentalised basis,
                                                                                    on the principle of creating a ‘15  (continued on page 2)
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