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                     S U B U R B

                                                           Iʼm going to tell you all a story, a story that is probably very familiar
                                                           to all of you. The story of Sleeping Beauty. A young princess pricks
                                                           her finger on a spindle cursed by an evil fairy, Maleficent and falls
     In this issue we have                                 asleep for one hundred years. Oooooo spoooooky. However, of
                                                           course it must have a happy ending like any classic fairy-tale and so  INTO
     chosen the theme of                                   a brave prince comes and saves her with a true loveʼs kiss, and so
        change. Covid has                                  the curse is lifted and they all live happily ever after. We all know
                                                           these traditional fairy tales; Sleeping Beauty, Snow White,
            taught us a lot                                Cinderella, Rapunzel etc. Theyʼre the bedtime stories weʼve been
                                                           telling for centuries, the inspiration behind the popular plays,
      about our priorities,                                movies and musicals that have shaped our childhood. Yet, what if I
      ourselves as people                                  asked you this? These classic fairy tales, what if they arenʼt teaching
                                                           children good morals, but instead making them closed-minded and
       and how adaptable                                   full of unrealistic ideas about the society we live in today? Perhaps
                                                           ʻbippity boppity booʼ, might just be ʻbippity boppity badʼ. This is
     we are as humans to                                   why fairy tales cause more harm than good and need to change.         ADUL

       changes. Change is                                  To begin with, we can all agree that in the majority of these stories
                                                           a common trope is the ʻpoor damsel in distressʼ, who is constantly
        inevitable. Itʼs the                               being saved by the handsome, strong prince. Itʼs 2022, and yet we
                                                           never see the princess rescuing the prince from the tower. These
      only way forward in                                  stories are a huge example of inequality and gender stereotypes,
                                                           teaching children from a young age that women should stay at
      our collective effort                                home to cook and clean, and a man should be the one to work and
      to make this world a                                 fight. The image of the handsome, strong prince also perpetuates
                                                           toxic masculinity: the ideal that a man must be dominant,
        better place. Here                                 aggressive, or any other characteristic that is culturally impressed
                                                           on to them.
      are our three pieces                                 In addition, these traditional tales lack racial and physical diversity.  THOOD
           about different                                 Even now, primary schools are breeding grounds for this sort of
                                                           bigotry and Iʼve heard roles being denied due to phenotypic
        aspects of change.                                 differences. Incidents like this are not uncommon and, in all honesty,
                                                           cannot be blamed on the children; we as a society need to increase
       We hope you enjoy                                   the variety of the stories we choose to tell. They are giving young
      reading them just as                                 children the impression that you need to have a perfect slim body,
                                                           beautiful hair and a bright complexion, else no one will love you. All
      much as we enjoyed                                   encouraging confidence issues for those who do not fit this image.
                                                           By passing down these stories, we are perpetuating outdated
             writing them!                    FABLES       ideas and not helping to dismantle systemic problems. Itʼs time to
                                                           teach our children that you can be a boy and still like the colour
                                                           pink, people of colour are just as important as white people and
              The Suburb                                   that itʼs whatʼs on the inside that matters not whatʼs on the outside.
              Youth Team                                   Things need to change. Perhaps ʻhappily ever afterʼ is not so
                                                           happy after all!
                                                           KRITI & NYSA

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