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Photo: Michael Spiro
                   Bishopswood Bowling Club ready to roll

      MICHAEL SPIRO             chance to take part in a variety of  This year we will once again be  the club offers. We are hoping this  are friendly and welcoming, and
                                activities including puzzles, card  holding Open Days over the last  growth will be repeated this year.  all are invited to learn about the
          fter what seems to be a very  playing, scrabble, Rummikub and  weekend of May in conjunction  Subject to the weather and  game and have a go.
           long winter, Bishopswood  backgammon mornings. Some  with and at the same time as the  the state of the green, the club is  Generally, the club will be
      A Bowling Club, located   continued to bowl through the  national initiative of Bowls England.  aiming to re-open on the Easter  open in the mornings from 9:45
      within the Lyttelton Road Playing  winter period at the indoor bowls  Last year club membership  weekend (mid-April), but at all  through to late afternoon, with a
      Fields, is getting ready for the  club off Summers Lane (by the  grew by over 40% with new and  events, by the early May bank  midday break. All are welcome.
      2022 summer outdoor bowling  Hollywood Bowl, Finchley).  younger members experiencing the  holiday weekend (April 30 - May 2).  Please visit the club website
      season. During the past months,  Nevertheless it is the bowling in  joy that the sport has to offer on  Anyone interested in trying  at for more
      when outdoor bowling was not  the fresh air and natural sunlight  so many levels including fun/social  their hand at the sport can pop in  information, or you can contact
      possible, the club continued to  that members of the club are  playing, competitive playing and,  at any time whenever the gates  them on 020 8058 2212 or email
      offer a hot drink, a snack and the  really looking forward to.  of course, the social environment  are open. The club and the members  to:

               Lest we forget …                            shops in one area, offices in  cycling will be easy options. It’s  and says “We are going to create a
                                                                        Brent Cross Town (continued from front page)

                                                           another, houses in yet another.  effectively future proofing design.  very friendly neighbour for the
                                                           Brent Cross Town will be a mixed  Energy saving initiatives are already  Suburb.” As many HGS residents
                                                           use design.               in place, such as replacing the  will know, Argent Related is a
                                                             There will be neighbourhoods  usual steel and concrete with  sponsor of the Proms at St. Jude’s
                                                           but the edges will be blurred with  timber. The well-being of residents  and sees the Suburb as a shining
                                                           a sprinkling of high streets,  and visitors is paramount. This is  example of community. He hopes
                                                           squares and other communal  property development with a very  HGS residents will enjoy visits to
                                                           areas. The developers are using  human angle.       Brent Cross Town with all that it
         On the 27th January International Holocaust Memorial Day  the natural geography and  So what will Brent Cross Town  has to offer.
        once again commemorated the murder of the six million Jews  topography of the area to create  look like? “Mixed architecture and  Why Brent Cross Town? Nick
                                                           interlinking spaces and buildings.  very green,” says Nick. “It will have  explains the name was chosen to
        during the Holocaust, alongside the millions of other people
                                                             Argent Related understands  a look and feel of it’s own. You’ll  contextualise what it is, namely a
        killed under Nazi persecution and in genocides that followed  the importance of facilitating a  know when you’re in it, it will have  community on the scale of a town
               in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.     low carbon usage lifestyle and has  its own character but it will still  – not a sprawling city. A town has
          27th January marks the anniversary of the liberation of  pledged a commitment to net  feel like part of London.” Sounds  a smaller sense of scale but large
                                                           zero carbon emissions by 2030 -  rather a lot like Hampstead  enough to encompass more
          Auschwitz-Birkenau. Garden Suburb Community Library
                                                           well ahead of the government’s  Garden Suburb?      diversity and choice. Community
        hosted a moving presentation given by Jacqueline Luck about  target. Nick envisions car sharing  Speaking of HGS, Brent Cross  with a capital C is at the heart of
        her grandmother, Lela, a Holocaust survivor (see opposite).  schemes plus plenty of electric  Town will practically be on our  the project and Argent Related are
                                                           car charging points. Walking and  doorstep. Nick is aware of this  already supporting community
                                                                                                               initiatives and local groups.
                                                                                                                  Nick and his team are clearly
                                                                                                               passionate about this project and
                                                                                                               excited about designing living for
                                                                                                               the future. Watch this space.
                                                                                                                  For more information go to

        Outstanding care in your homeutstanding care in your home
        f for independent livingor independent living
        PillarCare's friendly, experienced teamfriendly, experienced team
       h have been helping people live asave been helping people live as
       i independently as possible in their ownndependently as possible in their own
       h homes for over 20 years.omes for over 20 years.
        Call us to speak to a member of ourall us to speak to a member of our
       t team.eam.

              -020 7482 2188-020 7482 2188-
              -                                         p                                                       Nick Searl (Photo: Chris Gloag)
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