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      A Holocaust Survivorʼs story

      SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY       Ultimately, Lela lived a happy  MARCELLE BLACK
                                and fulfilled life, doting on her  (LELA’S DAUGHTER)
        ela Black, nee Amiel, was born in  daughter and two granddaughters.
         1918 in Salonica, the second  She died in August 2008, following  I moved to Hampstead Garden
      L largest city in Greece with a  a major stroke.     Suburb in 1977 a few months
      thriving Jewish population, where                    after I got married. My husband
      she lived happily alongside other  JACQUELINE LUCK   Jeff had already been living there
      Jews, Christians and Muslims.  (LELA’S GRANDDAUGHTER)  since 1961 with his parents.
      In 1940, she left Salonica with her                    We bought a house in
      husband Joseph and young  I discovered the photo of my  Cornwood Close where we still
      daughter Marcelle to move to  grandmother Lela with her first  live to this day: we never moved,  Lela with the ‘first’ Marcelle, November 1939
      Athens, leaving the rest of her  daughter, Marcelle (top, right),  even after 45 years! This is where
      family behind.            whilst sorting through family  I have spent most of my life and I
         When the Germans occupied  photos at my mother’s home in  would not contemplate living
      Athens in 1943, Lela, Joseph and  the Suburb where I grew up. As  anywhere else.
      little Marcelle went into hiding.  you can imagine, I was shocked to  Our two daughters, Jacqueline
      A year later, after being denounced  discover my grandmother Lela  and Danielle, both attended
      and incarcerated at the Haidari  had had another daughter (also  Meadway Nursery School in Central
      military camp, they were  named Marcelle) and even more  Square and then Jacqueline went
      transported to Auschwitz in cattle  shocked to discover what had  to Annemount in Holne Chase
      trucks, with thousands of other  happened to my grandmother, her  before going on to Brookland
      Greek Jews.               first husband and little Marcelle.  School where Danielle later joined
         On arrival at Auschwitz, a  This discovery inspired me to tell  her, before eventually going on to
      selection process separated Lela  my grandmother’s extraordinary  the Henrietta Barnett School.
      from her daughter and husband;  and heart-breaking story.  Both my girls have gained so
      this was the last time she saw them.  With the help of G2G (www.  many happy memories and lasting
      Somehow, Lela survived Auschwitz, the  friendships from living here in
      enduring freezing temperatures,  wonderful charitable organisation  the Suburb.                     Jacqueline and Lela (Photo: Richard Luck)
      disease and hunger.       helping the children and grand-  Therefore, I find it both
         When Lela was finally liberated  children of Holocaust survivors to  appropriate and heart-warming
      by the Russians on May 5th 1945  tell their family stories, I gave the  that Jacqueline was able to give  My trip to Rome
      and returned to Greece, she  first presentation of my grand-  the first presentation of her
      discovered her entire family from  mother’s story on 25th January,  Grandma Lela’s story from Garden
      Salonica had been deported in  just ahead of Holocaust Memorial  Suburb Community Library via  without leaving home
      1943 and had all been murdered  Day, via Zoom in association with  Zoom, which enabled so many of
      in Auschwitz.             Garden Suburb Community Library  our friends from all over the world
         Eventually, Lela came to  (see page 3).           to attend and hear my mother’s
      London to stay with her only living  As a passionate advocate of  amazing story – told through her  for Kidasha
      relatives: an aunt, uncle and two  Holocaust, education, I have told  granddaughter’s words.
      cousins. She later remarried and  and continue to tell Lela’s story and
                                                                                     MICHAEL JACOBS
      had another daughter, naming  always end with a message urging  If you would like to watch Jacqueline’s
      her Marcelle after the child that  people not to stand by and allow  presentation, here is the link: https://  uring the last month I walked 86 miles and so, after 306 days,
       GAD_Enfranchisement_SuburbNews_137mm x 120mm_Layout 1  08/02/2021  09:46  Page 1
      she had lost.             hatred and intolerance to prevail.
                                                                                          I arrived in the ancient city of Lucca in Tuscany. I have walked
                                                                                    D912 miles, virtually, across England, France and northern Italy
                                                                                     and have now covered 81% of my trip from London to Rome (equivalent
                                                                                     to 10,032 laps of the field) – over 2.14 million steps. Donors have very
                                                                                     kindly contributed £12,198.77 (with Gift Aid) to Kidasha towards my
            Introducing Graham Jaffe                                                 target of raising £18,000 – more donations are always welcome.
                                                                                        During the last month, I left Gavi in the municipality of Turin in
            Leasehold                                                                Piedmont, crossed the River Po, traversed the mountain village country
                                                                                     of Liguria and arrived in Tuscany at the great walled city of Lucca.
                                                                                        The teams at Kidasha ( and their local Nepali
                                                                                     partners have been working very hard through the winter to help their
            Enfranchisement                                                          young beneficiaries get through the pandemic and deal with their long-
                                                                                     standing poverty and other challenges. In the foothills of the
                                                                                     Himalayas, where most of the children live, it gets extremely cold in
            Expert                                                                   the heating is often just an open wood fire, which is also used for
                                                                                     winter, and the hills are often covered in snow. It is cold and harsh and
                                                                                     cooking, even in people’s homes. From distributing vital food supplies
                                                                                     and offering emergency shelter, to providing access to education and
                                                                                     life skills learning, donations allow Kidasha to provide aid to those hit
            Buying your freehold or extending your                                   hardest by the pandemic. There was a surge of
                                                                                     Omicron cases in January, which resulted in the
            lease contact Graham for experienced                                     schools being shut again for three weeks. This is
            specialist advice.                                                       on top of them already being shut for 70 weeks
                                                                                     since the start of the Pandemic. Only a tiny
            Call on 0208 209 2653                                                    fraction of the people are vaccinated against
                                                                                     Covid 19 so the dangers of the pandemic
            Email                                              are all too real, and the country is still
                                                                                     often in lockdown– although, for people
                                                                                     who live from hand to mouth nearly all
                                                                                     of the time, ‘lockdown’ is a very
                                                         ethereal concept, as they have no
            746 Finchley Road NW11 7TH                                               choice but to go out and work anyway.
                                                                                        If you wish to donate to help
            Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors is a trading                          Kidasha, please go to
            name of National Law Partners Limited.
                                                                                     fundraising/n82bh where you can also
                                                                                     see my progress.
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