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                                 Meeting Report                                      FINANCIAL REVIEW
                                                                                     2021 was another year disrupted by Covid and while, unfortunately,
                                                                                     events had to be cancelled, there was plenty else going on.
                                                                                        A new format for Suburb News was introduced that has proved very
                                                                                     popular with advertisers, with advertising income increasing by £5000,
                                                                                     while production and printing costs have been reduced substantially.
                                 25 January 2022                                     office in the Free Church has been replaced with a lower cost storage
                                                                                        There was a further push to reduce costs during the year. The RA
                                                                                     area, membership costs were reduced by £1,400 and the continued use
                                                                                     of Zoom for meetings has reduced room hire costs. Membership
                                EMMA HOWARD, RA CHAIR                                decreased slightly from 1860 to 1811 but is still up from 2019, with a
                                                                                     small drop of £440 in subscription income.
                                    A Council meets quarterly and last met on January 25 via Zoom.  £7,600 was committed to new street tree planting with £1,000 of
                                     Our first meeting of 2022 was attended by 13 Council members  this coming from residents through a new tree sponsorship scheme,
                                R and three visitors, two of whom were appointed to Council at  where residents contribute £250 and the RA contributes £150 for each
                                the meeting. Full minutes of all Council meetings are available on the  new tree. Fruit trees and materials have been purchased for the new
                                RA’s website:                              Henrietta Community Orchard with planting scheduled for March.
                                   RA Treasurer ran through preliminary results for 2021 which are  Grants were made of £10,000 to St. Jude’s for repair work, £3,000
                                published below.                                     to Proms at St. Jude’s, £500 to Fellowship Chamber Concerts, £1,375
                                   Visitors Jonathan Waxman and Gren Manuel were voted in unanimously  to Northway Gardens Organisation and £911 for a new bench in
                                as new members of RA Council and time was spent hearing about the  Northway Gardens. £10,000 was used to match fund donations from
                                remit of the proposed new Environment Committee which was  residents for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice. £68 subscription was
                                approved as a new standing committee of the RA of which Jonathan is  paid to London Forum and £50 to Friends of Bigwood.
                                the chair and Gren the secretary. You can read more in Gren’s  The year ended with net expenditure of £2,294 and reserves at £72,912.
                                Committee Report opposite.
                                   Maria Schlatter has been leading the RA’s project to create a new  RA FINANCIAL REPORT FOR YEAR ENDED 31ST DECEMBER 2021
                                community orchard in Lyttleton Playing Fields. This is now bearing fruit
                                with planting of specially grafted fruit trees taking place on 5th March.  INCOME & EXPENDITURE
                                You can read Maria’s update on The Community Orchard on page 9.
                                   Our Events committee hopes to host a summer event for Suburb  INCOME               2021(£)    2020(£)
                                residents to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. More information  Subscriptions   31,738    32,184
                                                                                      Contribution from Fellowship      2,058     2,029
                                                                                      Bank Interest                      556       900
                                                                                      Advertising                      24,137    19,200
                                                                                      Events Income                        0       646
                                                                                      Room hire income                     0      1,000
                                    HampsteadGardenSuburb                             Other income                      1,380       50
                                          Residents Association
              Play your part in keeping                                               Total                            59,869    56,009
                     our Suburb special                                               Membership, printing & post       6,625     8,059
                                                                                      Room & hall hire
                                                                                      Publications                     17,024    23,195
              The Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association was formed over 100 years ago.  Events                     0       751
          Membership is open to all residents, and non-residents can join as associate members. With nearly  Suburb tree planting and maintenance  7,600  6,929
         2,000 members, it has grown in strength to become a positive and powerful force on the Suburb, by:  Grants    15,786     4,375
             • organising social and cultural events including fêtes, picnics and a New Yearʼs Eve party •  Roads & Traffic  0     151
                                                                                      Other expenditure                 1,247     1,433
          • arranging open meetings for residents to express their views and pre-election political meetings •  Bank charges  430  338
                • maintaining and enhancing our environment and the character of the Suburb •  Henrietta’s Orchard      1,023      364
          • representing member views by lobbying local councillors, politicians, planning authorities etc •  Charitable Donations  10,000  26,000
                                                                                      Total                            62,163    75,321
                        • supporting local societies and voluntary organisations •    Loss/Surplus for the year        -2,294   -19,312
                    • donating to various local charities including The Proms at St Judeʼs •
                                                                                      BALANCE SHEET
           • producing the RA website, Suburb News & eNews, the Directory and the HGS List email group •
        • giving access to the Master Tradespeople List:  recommendations made by fellow Suburb members •  CURRENT ASSETS  2021(£)  2020(£)
               • helping to keep the Suburb safe and  engendering an inclusive community spirit •  Cash at bank and in hand  78,750  80,130
                                                                                      Debtors                           5,049     2,939
                                                                                      Share in Orchard Housing Society     1         1
                                                                                      Total                            83,800    83,070
                  Join the Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association online at    Less current liabilities         10,888     7,864
                                                               Net current assets               72,912    75,206
                                    (or post the form below)                          REPRESENTED BY
                                                                                      Accumulated fund brought forward  75,206   85,039
       Join the HGS Residents Association or renew your membership. (One subscription covers everyone at the address)
                                                                                      Reversal of trees accrual            0      9,479
       Name(s)                                                                        Deficit for the year             (2,294)  (19,312)
                                                                                      Total                            72,912    75,206
       Address            Postcode
       Email          Phone
                                                                                      NOTES TO THE ACCOUNTS
       Annual subscription amount (Minimum payment £15 per annum)..........................................£
                                                                                      1. ACCOUNTING POLICIES: (a) The accounts have been prepared on
       Fellowship donation* (Optional).....................................................................................................................£  an accrual basis. (b) Members’ subscriptions have been reconciled
       (To support Fellowship, a Suburb charity, in its work for Suburb senior citizens)
                                                                                      with the sums actually received during the year.
       Total ...................................................................................................................................................................................£
       * I declare by making this donation that I want to Gift Aid my donations to Fellowship House and am a UK taxpayer paying  2. COLLECTION FOR FELLOWSHIP  2021(£)  2020(£)
       sufficient tax to meet the Gift Aid on my donation. I agree to Fellowship receiving my details for this purpose.  Receipts  12,390  12,193
       I wish to pay:    (Delete the above declaration if you do not wish to Gift Aid your donation or do not pay sufficient tax)  Less RA administrative fee  (2,058)  (2,029)
          by cheque (payable to HGS Residents Association). Please write your address on the back of the cheque.  Net  10,332    10,164
          by bank transfer to HGS Residents Association: Bank: HSBC Sort Code: 40-03-11 Acc. No: 91605747
                                                                                      3. MEMBERSHIP
                          Please return this form (with cheque if applicable) to:     Membership at 31 December 2021 was 1,811 households compared
       The Membership Secretary, HGS Residents Association, PO Box 67700, London NW111NS  to 1,860 at 31 December 2020.
                       Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at  SN149

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