Page 9 - HGS Suburb News 149 - March 2022
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                                                           GREN MANUEL, HGS REACH HONORARY SECRETARY
                                                                GS REACH (officially the RA’s Environment Committee or ‘EnComm’ for short) is the Residents
                                                                 Association’s newest standing committee – REACH stands for Residents Environmental Action
                                                           H on Climate and Health – and already we have a long list of ideas and projects. All focus on our
                                                           primary goal: making the Suburb a leader in low carbon living and becoming Net Zero for carbon
                                                           emissions by 2040. This sounds like the sort of project that only the government can undertake. But as
                                                           our list of projects shows, we as residents can start work today to reduce our emissions and reduce our
                                                           contribution to the catastrophic warming of our planet.
                                                                                 And many of our ideas will also help HGS residents save money. Much
                                                                              of our focus is on the way Suburb homes are heated. Most of us have a gas
                                                                               boiler – but few realise these are about to go the way of the steam engine.
                                                                                Gas boilers are banned from new houses in 2025 and will no longer be
      First Henrietta Community                                                  sold from 2035.
                                                                                    We have a list of ideas and projects to help us make our 100-year-
      Orchard trees planted                                                     old houses more heat efficient. This not only makes them more suitable
                                                                                for new types of heating technologies such as ground and air source heat
                                                                                pumps – but will also save money amid today’s sky-high energy prices.
                                                                                   We’re also going to start talking to Transport for London about
      MARIA SCHLATTER, FRIENDS OF HENRIETTA COMMUNITY ORCHARD                    making the H2 and H3 buses electric when the routes next go out to
                                                                                 tender. This will not only reduce emissions but will also help improve
           enrietta Community Orchard is an exciting initiative of                Suburb air quality, which is one of our secondary goals. And there’s
            the HGS Residents Association, located in the north                   lots more to do…
      H eastern Capital Ring corner of Lyttelton Playing Fields,                      If you too are passionate about these issues, we’d love to hear
       next to the Bishopswood Bowling Club.                                       from you. There is no requirement to be a committee member; many
         The first 12 fruit trees are due to be planted on 20th March.             of our activities (such as a survey on energy efficiency) will need a
      The trees have been carefully selected to continue the fruit growing         local network of volunteers spread across the
      tradition so central to Henrietta Barnett’s original aspirations for         Suburb, each contributing a little.
      the Suburb.                                                                     Excited to help? REACH us via
         The newly planted fruit trees will be very vulnerable during the            email at
      first couple of years and will need regular watering in the spring
      and summer months, as well as keeping the root area free of weeds.
      The adjacent Bishopswood Bowling Club is kindly providing us
      with an easy water source.
         We are looking for volunteers to help with watering and  Planting trees, like the education of children,
      weeding while the young trees are getting established.
         Please email if you         is a gift to the future
      want to find out more or join the Friends
      of Henrietta Community Orchard.
          Thank you.                                       PETER FALK, TREES & OPEN SPACES COMMITTEE MEMBER

                                                                                     he planting of street trees in the Suburb is now complete. A total
                                                                                     of 87 tree species and locations were agreed with LB Barnet, of
                                                                                 Twhich 81 have been planted. Six further sites are for the species
                                                                                 Crataegus x prunifolia (frosted thorn trees, shown here) but
                                                                                 unfortunately the young trees had to be rejected on quality grounds
                                                                                 and new trees will now be planted in the next planting season instead.
                                                                                    Because of financial support from the RA and extra support from
                                                                                 some residents, LB Barnet were able to increase the number of street
                                                                                 trees planted from 62 to 81. If you would like to join
                                                                                 in our efforts to replace trees in our streets,
                                                                                 please contact me at

       Photo: Philip Okrent
      Chasing pavements

          s the RA’s ‘pavement man,’ I continue to pace the streets of
            the Suburb which takes a lot of concentration, as we must
       A have some of the most uneven pavements in London!
         I report any dangerous hazards, which include exposed tree
      roots, to our local Ward Councillors who send details to LB Barnet
      Street Services who generally react promptly stating that the
      report is noted and logged and an inspection will be made. More
      often than not they report back, stating repairs will be carried out
      within a set time scale but unfortunately this does not always
      happen and I continually have to chase up through our Councillors.
         Nevertheless, in the nine months that I have been doing this,
      there has been a great improvement and I urgently ask all of you
      who spot a dangerous and hazardous stretch of pavement to
      contact me by email and I will happily have a look and bring it to
      the attention of our Councillors ‘if appropriate’
      so that together we can help in making
      our pavements a safer place for
      everyone to walk.

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