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     Summer Issue 150 · 2022                                                                                     

                                                                                                                  Residents Association

                           A thoughtful Josh                           HGS RA congratulates   The Suburb
                            Waxman volunteers at                       Her Majesty on her      loses a very
                            Community Orchard                          Platinum Jubilee,         dear friend,
                            tree planting, page 12                    page 11                         page 4

                 As seasons change

     THE EDITORS               of Noah Max’s Babel at Fellowship  Caroline Broome, gives us her
                               House, the Proms at St. Jude’s 30th  invaluable summer garden tips.
            ith covid officially over  year anniversary season launch  This issue also includes the
            and life settling back to  and the HGS Art Fair (of which  pull out and keep Suburb Directory
      W normal, it’s been a very  more in the next issue). The Free  with loads of updated useful
     busy few months in the Suburb.  Church also hosted the North  information so you have everything
     We bade farewell to Father Alan  London Festival of Music, Speech  you need at a glance.
     Walker (St Judes’s) and Revd Dr Ian  & Drama. And, if photography is  Finally, we can’t not mention
     Tutton (Free Church) and wish them  your thing, please do enter the  the Platinum Jubilee! Unfortunately
     both the very best for the future.  Suburb News 2022 Photographic  our copy date meant we couldn’t
        Among others, we sadly lost  Competition (details on p.9).  include all the wonderful local
     beloved residents, David Littaur,  Myke Jacobs finally made it to  celebrations in this issue but
     Jean Neal, Richard Wiseman and  Rome, the first trees were planted  please send photos of your street
     Janet Elliott who all made wonderful  in the Henrietta Community Orchard,  parties and we will include these  Both Revd. Dr. Ian Tutton (above) and Father Alan Walker (below)
     contributions to our community.  and the HGS Open Gardens will  in the September issue.  celebrated their last Service before retirement (full stories, p2).
        Culture abounded with the  soon, once again, be open to the  We wish all of our readers a
     Echo Ensemble’s world premiere  public – luckily the Garden Girl,  lovely summer.

              Can Fellowship help you?

     ANDREW BOTTERILL          an independent local community  have tipped some residents into a
                               centre providing various classes,  difficult situation, particularly
       n 1910 when Fellowship was  entertainment and activities (see  those who are elderly and maybe
       founded, a key part of its  living alone.
     I mission was to give financial  However under our current  If you know of anyone whose
     assistance to Suburb residents in  Constitution we still have this remit  life could be made easier by a
     genuine need. Times have moved  and continue to make welfare  modest grant then please call                  Photos: Michael Eleftheriades
     on, demographics have changed  payments of a few thousand pounds  Lorna Jones (020 3723 9299 ) who
     and that part of our activity has  each year. The recent hikes in  looks after Welfare matters on our
                                                                                    Please keep the police
     reduced as we have developed into  energy and food costs might well  Management Committee.
                                                                                              in the picture

                            TIME TO MOVE?
                                                                                    PC AMRIC SINGH (1522 NW) &  emailed us on 999/101/www.met.
                                                                                    PC RANJ HADI (2532 NW), could end up
             In the last few months, we have let and sold an extraordinary
                                                                                                              being linked to serious crime.
           amount of homes in the Suburb, therefore if you are considering                 hen you realise a local  A description of what appears
            selling or letting there has never been a better time than now.                crime is taking place or  to be a vulnerable person could
                                                                                    W has taken place, obviously  be a missing person in desperate
          We regularly deal with ‘Cottages to Castles’ and can procure both         you want to warn your neighbours.  need of medical attention.
                                                                                    You may use your local email  That suspicious character who
           aspirational clientele moving up the property ladder and also the        group or social media platforms  called at your, or your neighbour’s,
                      comfortable ‘empty nesters’, moving down.                     such as WhatsApp. By using the  address who was aggressively
                                                                                    neighbourhood watch platform  selling their services or just didn’t
            Our resourceful applicants are not just plucked from within the         OWL Online Watch Link (,  feel right, could be a con artist
                                                                                    you will also be keeping the local  about to fleece somebody of their
           local vicinity, but from London-wide and Globally, which gives us        police informed as well.  life savings.
            the unique opportunity to extract the full value of your home.             But whichever platform you  When you call the police, even
                                                                                    trust to circulate information about  if you don’t give your details to
         We are at your service and we reassuringly deliver on our promises.        crime or suspicious behaviour in  the operator, they will still accept
                                                                                    your neighbourhood, make sure  what you have to say. If you do
                                                                                    you report it to the police as well.  leave your name and details, rest
                          CELEBRATING                                                  Digital technology has made it  assured your information is
                                               glentree                             so much easier to contact the  protected under General Data
                                                  INTERNATIONAL                     Police and/or Crime Stoppers so  Protection Regulations (GDPR).
                                                                                    you can pass on that vital piece of  Your input can be crucial and
                          YEARS TRADING
                                                                                    information you have. Don’t under-  we can’t thank you enough and
                                                                                    estimate how important it can be.  appreciate your ongoing support.
                      07831 339699                           That vehicle number plate  If you wish to contact your
                                                                                    that gets called in by a concerned  local police team please email us at
                                                                                    member of the public who has
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