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                                 Missing tiles and poor pointing  Buddleia on west face
                                St Judeʼs tower                                       Michael crossing the finish line
                                                                                      (Photo: Amy Mace)
                                stronger than ever                                   All roads lead to Rome

                                with help from our friends                           MYKE JACOBS               former Chairman and Trustee of
                                                                                                                  After retiring from my roles as
                                                                                       have now completed my 1,128  Kidasha, my wife, Ruth and I
                                DAVID WHITE                to the structural flaws exposed in  mile charity trek, walking the  embarked on charity treks to
                                                           Lutyens’ original design for the  I equivalent distance of London  continue our support of Kidasha.
                                    esidents will recall the saga  tower. That said, the tower is now  to Rome. I began the challenge 13  Since 2006, we have physically
                                     of the weathervane that  stronger than when it was first  months ago on 1 April 2021, and  walked through Nepal’s Himalaya
                                R blew out during Storm    built. The lead tiles on the spire  thanks to my supporters (including  and Annapurna mountain ranges
                                Barney in November 2015 and the  that look a different colour to the  Suburb News readers) have raised  – and even reached Everest Base
                                appeal that St Jude’s launched in  rest of the spire are replacements  over £16,500 for Nepal children’s  Camp in 2008.
                                early 2021 to repoint the tower  for those damaged when the old  charity, Kidasha.  All of the funds raised from the
                                using the scaffolding that was  weathervane blew out of the spire.  Diagnosed as clinically  trek will support Kidasha’s work to
                                erected to enable the weather-  They will weather over time. The  extremely vulnerable due to a  improve the lives of children living
                                vane to be replaced.       old weathervane is now on display  health condition, I was faced with  in chronic poverty in Nepal. This
                                   The repairs took until early in  inside St Jude’s.  completing my trek whilst staying  includes working to end child
                                2022 to finalise and the cost was  St Jude’s was able to kickstart  safe. As a result, I decided to  exploitation by providing homeless
                                much higher than originally  its campaign to restore the tower,  cover the London to Rome distance  children with safe shelter, helping
                                anticipated. That was largely down  part of which might have fallen  using the space provided by a  children into education, and working
                                                           away had St Jude’s not had access  secluded field behind my house.  to help the most marginalised
                                                           from the scaffolding, thanks to the  Over the last year, I have completed  escape poverty.
                                                           generous support it received from  the equivalent of 12,400 laps of  To support Kidasha’s fund-
                                                           Historic England, who contributed  the field – 2.65 million steps – in  raising efforts, please visit: Myke’s
                                                           £46,665 from the outset and for  support of Kidasha. In fact, my  ‘Trek to Rome without ever
                                                           which St.Jude’s is very grateful.  track is so well worn that you can  leaving home’ fundraising page.
                                                           St Jude’s then received a further  see it from space –  To learn more about Kidasha,
                                                           grant of £25,000 from Historic  3OH4VTZ.            please visit:
                                                           England after the structural flaws
                                                           were discovered.           Big Wood bluebells were plentiful and looked
                                                             St Jude’s is hugely grateful for
                                                           the support it also received from  particularly stunning this year.
                                                           HGS Trust, HGS Residents
                                                           Association and the local
                                                           community who all contributed
                                                           towards the restoration costs.
                                                             Suburb readers will be aware
                                                           that the old weathervane contained
                                                           two time capsules. The new
                                                           weathervane also contains two
                                                           time capsules, one detailing the
                                                           contractors who worked on the
                                                           project and the other containing
                                                           materials relating to the appeal.
                                                           Full details of what is in the time
                                                           capsules can be found at https://
                                                             With grateful thanks from the
                                                           parishioners of St Jude-on-the-Hill
                                            After the repairs  for your support.
                     David White

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