About the Residents Association

The Residents Association is a volunteer organisation working for our residents and the community to keep the Suburb green, clean and special, as well as to foster and promote a strong community spirit. Membership is open to all residents and is funded by voluntary donations. Non-residents can join as Associate Members and, like Members, receive a copy of Suburb News and Suburb eNews as part of their membership benefits. 


The principal aims of the HGS Residents Association are: To maintain and enhance the character of the Suburb To represent members’ views on matters of common interest To promote good neighbourliness and to encourage social, cultural, and other amenities To maintain the ideal of the Suburb’s founders To keep our streets and parks clean and safe You can support us just by joining for only £15 a year. If you would like to be more involved, there’s plenty to do. Please contact us at enquiries@hgsra.uk for more information.  

It’s not just luck 

The Suburb has been kept the way it is as a result of the concern and involvement of the people who have lived here and are living here today. If you enjoy living in Hampstead Garden Suburb, please join the Residents Association now. The more households belong, and more than 1,800 do today, the greater our effectiveness in dealing with Barnet and the Trust whose decisions, on planning, roads, trees and open spaces, affect our surroundings.   The £15 annual membership fee pays for our overheads and helps to fund street trees, pay for publications, membership mailings and other costs. 

It’s not all work and no play 

The RA puts on events including summer fetes, grand picnics and New Year’s Eve parties and fireworks on Central Square. It organises political meetings before elections and holds Open Meetings for residents to express their views in the presence of relevant speakers and officials. It has always been a principal sponsor of the Proms at St Jude’s and helps to support other community bodies financially. It provides notice boards around the Suburb for publicising local events. 

It’s no secret 

Suburb News is delivered to every home in the Suburb four times a year with news and comments on Suburb issues.  The Spring edition provides a ‘Pull out to keep’ Directory section which gives residents useful information about the Suburb and important contact details. Suburb eNews updates members every month. The website is regularly updated with events and links to everything you need to know. Members are able to join the HGS List email group and to access the Master Tradespeople List which provides recommendations for many people doing work in and around the Suburb, all recommended by our members. 

It’s not only the RA - we also help others too

At the same time as collecting membership subscriptions, we seek donations for Hampstead Garden Suburb Fellowship: that's the charity for residents aged over 60 providing activities for members and others.  Fellowship House also performs the role of an independent Suburb Community Centre.  We also support other local organisations through grants and donations.  Applications for grants are also welcomed using the form on our website.