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Design guidance

This design guidance gives advice on repairs, alterations and extensions to properties and works to trees and gardens. It has been produced jointly by the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust and Barnet Council. Planning applications will be determined in the light of the guidance given in this booklet. View (Opens on external site -

Paving / Hardstanding Guidance

Guidance to aid residents who would like to make an application to alter their front garden to introduce or alter hardstandings and paving. View (Opens on external site -

Construction Site Guidelines

A LB Barnet guide for homeowners, builders, site managers and workers to good practice during construction work. View

Subsidence Guidance

The Residents Association, together with a local Chartered Surveyor, has produced a Guidance Note to give you some help as to what to do if you notice cracks or movement in your property and you have concerns. It is intended to provide general guidance. Every insurance company, loss adjuster, claim, building, and insurance policy is different! View

Around the Suburb

Public Realm Design Guidelines

A set of design guidelines for the Suburb public realm, agreed between the Residents Association and the LBB Environment & Transport Service and Urban Design & Heritage Group. View

LB Barnet Trees Policy & Planned Work

A summary of the LB Barnet's trees policy, with details of work planned for the Suburb in 2019. View

Memorial Benches (Parks/Open Spaces)

There is information on the LB Barnet website.  View

Map of the Suburb

See the Suburb Directory. View

Halls for Hire

Information on Halls for Hire. View