2022 Photo Competition

Competition Rules:

1. Submit your photo not later than Friday 30th September 2022

2. One photo only per resident please. 

3. Your photograph must be in colour, in jpg format, between 2and 10 megabytes. 

4. Your photograph must have been taken on or after 1st June 2022

5. If you submit a photograph taken on private property you must have obtained the permission of the property owner. 

6. If you submit a photograph with a recognisable face, you must have obtained the permission of the person concerned or of their guardian or carer. 

7. The decisions of the Editors of Suburb News on all aspects of the competition are final. 


1. The site will be open for submissions until 30th September. 

2. When submitting your photograph please confirm that you have read the rules of the competition and please provide the details requested including: confirming that you yourself took the photograph, your name, address, email address, phone number and age if you are under 18 years on 1st June 2022. You will be able to supply a short note about how your photograph relates to the theme of 'My Hampstead Garden Suburb'. 

3. If you are under 18 years old on the date of submission, your photograph must be submitted by your parent or guardian who must provide their own contact details. 

4. Submission of your photo will constitute confirmation that you are willing for your photograph to be reproduced (with acknowledgement to you) by Suburb News and by the HGS Residents Association, in print and on websites. 


1. Judging will be by a Panel of judges selected by the Editors of ‘Suburb News’ 

2. Judging will take place after the closing date, 30th September 2022. 

3. The best three photographs chosen by the judges will be published in the December 2022 edition of Suburb News and prizes will be awarded in the form of Amazon Vouchers as follows: 1st prize £75, 2nd prize £50 and 3rd prize £25. 

4. Photographs submitted by under-18s will be judged separately and, at the discretion of the Editors, the winning photograph(s) will be published in the ‘Suburb Youth’ section of Suburb News. 

5. Some photographs may, at the discretion of the Editors, be offered for inclusion in the HGS Virtual Museum and, if accepted, will be posted by Heritage with permission of the photographer.

Submit Photograph:

To enter the competition submit your photograph here