HGS Email Chatlist

The HGS Email chatlist provides a safe and friendly environment for residents to discuss local issues. Members send email to the list and this is automatically forwarded to other list members. The list was established in 1996 and is run independently of the Residents Association. Membership is open to residents and former residents who are current members of the HGS Residents Association.

There are two email groups you can subscribe to:

HGS Chatlist
Intended primarily for the discusion of local community related issues.

For residents to discuss non Suburb related issues such as national politics, NHS, Brexit etc.. Discussions can sometimes get quite heated!.

If you have not yet signed up to use the Email Chatlist you can sign up here. (You must be a current member of the Residents Association to sign up)

Signing up also gives you access to the Master Tradespeople List which has over 1,000 recommendations and over 200 categories of local businesses. Every recommendation has come from a resident and usually, with their comments on the work done.

Existing subscribers can sign in here.

View guidelines for using the HGS email lists.