Stop your gas boiler burning money

Many smaller homes in HGS are heated by new, efficient condensing gas boilers that don’t need a water tank. 

But many are set up so they fail to reach maximum efficiency. In short, installers often set new boilers to produce water for central heating that is 70°C or higher, which means they can’t operate in their most efficient “condensing mode”. 

Your gas boiler can be 10% or even 20% more efficient if it produces water at 60°C. Of course, your radiators will be on for longer to heat your home, but you should still save money. 

Innovation charity NESTA (in association with Which?) has an easy visual guide on adjusting the temperature of your gas boiler to save cash and reduce your CO2 footprint. It’s here:  

(NESTA note this should be done with care if you have people in your home who have asthma, heart conditions, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia or other conditions that make them vulnerable to cold.)

Turning down your gas boiler temperature is also a good baby step towards installing a heat pump. These can slash your carbon emissions but are also most efficient at temperatures of 55°C or 60°C. 

If your home is warm through the winter with your gas boiler at lower temperatures, it should be suitable for a heat pump. 

If you want a full explanation of why gas boilers are more efficient at slightly lower temperatures, read this:

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Article created:9th November 2022