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Getting Started With An IR Camera

An infrared camera can give unique insights into your home's energy use. Here's how to get access to one and start using it effectively

December Newsletter: Cameras, Chargers And Things To Read

What you need to know about climate action in HGS and globally

Climate Change Hits Home With Sharp Rise In Subsidence Claims

North London is one of the worst-affected areas as hot, dry summers take their toll

Climate Change Is A Local And Global Threat

From HGS to Phoenix, Arizona, the threat from climate change is getting greater. Jonathan Waxman, chair of HGS REACH, explains

HGS REACH Who We Are And What We Do

Global problems, local solutions

The Curse Of Petrol Tools In The Garden

These smelly machines are assaulting our ears, and noses. Worse, the pollutants they emit have been linked to cancer, heart disease and asthma. Barry Millington issues a rousing call to go electric in the garden

Urgent Action Needed To Stop Flooding In HGS

For Nicky Neftalin, July and August don't just mean summer - they mean a risk of flooding. After four deluges since 2007, it's time for action

Time For A Reality Check On Heat Pumps For Smaller Homes

Modest homes can’t be heated by a heat pump, critics say. But we visited one, and it works just fine



Retrofit Your Home To Slash Your Energy Bills

More than 100 RA members came to hear the HGS REACH talk on energy saving. Here's the article from Suburb News

Hydrogen For Home Heating: A Load Of Hot Air?

Hydrogen seems like a great way to heat our homes without emitting CO2. However...

Heating An Ancient Barn Using A Heat Pump

The Sunday Times dispels the myth that this technology is only suitable for new, super-insulated homes

Stop Your Gas Boiler Burning Money

How to adjust the settings of a combi boiler to save £££ and reduce CO2

Heat Pumps On The Suburb

This technology can slash your home's carbon emissions, but a lot of information online is old or inaccurate. Jonathan Waxman and Gren Manuel demolish the myths and give an update on their use in HGS

Electric Vehicle Charging In The Suburb

Local resident and motoring journalist Ivan Berg gives an upbeat assessment of the options