Getting started with an IR camera

Where are you losing heat in your home? Draughts? Poor roof insulation? Lousy windows?  An infrared camera can help you answer this question - and more.

If you are a member of the HGS Residents Association, you can now borrow an IR camera attachment that clips onto a smartphone (both Android and Apple) and use it to examine your home. This analysis can help you find the energy-saving measures that give the best benefit from least cost. It can also help diagnose problems with radiators and underfloor heating. 

HGS REACH has created a an intro video to get you up and running quickly plus an in-depth guide to help you learn more and get deeper insights. 

Here’s your seven step guide to the whole process:

  • An IR camera only gives insight when there is a 10°C or more difference between your home and outside. So the scheme only works in the coldest six months of the year. You also need to be a member of the RA (which comes with many other benefits).  
  •  If you have an iPhone it needs to be at least an iPhone 8 or newer with a Lightning connector. Android phones need to have the newer USB-C connector. You need to be able to download the FLIR One app.     

  • To register your interest, please fill in a survey form (link here). Note that we have been inundated with requests; even with three attachments for loan, we can’t guarantee all requests will be completed by the time the weather turns warmer in the Spring. 
  • Once you’ve got the device, please watch our video (link here) for a quick guide to getting started. For much more info, please consult our in-depth written guide (link here). 
  • After the loan is ended, we would very much appreciate your feedback so we can improve the scheme for others. So please complete this post-loan survey (link here).
  • Learned anything interesting or unusual? If you email us a select photo or two to we can add it to later versions of the guide. 
  • Want to loan it again in a few months to see if your energy-saving measures have made a difference? We’re very keen to help people follow up like this. Feel free to complete another loan form. 

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Article created:18th January 2023    Last updated:2nd December 2023